Friday, September 13, 2013

July & August

Some recent happenings:

Elsie is really starting to communicate more. She's been doing some signs for a few months, but she is learning them so fast now. She can also say a few words which are so so cute.

She can sign:
All done
Thank you
(These are all the signs I even teach my kids. Are there any other great ones you love that you feel are really helpful?)
Oh, and she's learning how to sign "help."

She can say:
Daddy (Really, she says daddy exactly as I have written it. It's the most darling thing I've ever heard out of a baby's mouth. She's been saying it for ages).
Bubba (what she calls Bennett)
Tee-oh (what she calls our neighbor's dog, Toby).
tick-o-tick-o (tickle, tickle)
wow & yay (her very first words haha)

She can clap, blow kisses and even do the real kissing noise! She is changing so much and almost entirely for the better. She's finally walking and is so much happier now that she's getting around. She learned to crawl, walk, pull herself up, get from laying to sitting and sitting to standing all in the space of about a week. It was ridiculous. Someone once told me that they had a baby who refused to do anything until they could do it perfectly. I have that baby and that baby's name is Elsie.

We've also had a chance to go to a few games lately. Mormon Night at the Orioles is becoming a family tradition (this was our third year) and this year Alli, Riley & Benson got to join us. Hooray! The kids love it & this year it was such a beautiful night. Perfect weather for a ball game.

Justin and I got lucky enough to score free tickets to a Thursday night Ravens game! It's the only one on Thursday night this year (or so someone told me) and we felt super lucky to get to go (since all the others are on Sundays). It was also a beautiful night AND we saw our friends there!

Funny story: the photo below is the only picture we have of the 4 of us. We had someone take one of the 4 of us in the same spot as the picture above, but for some strange reason they left out my friend's husband?! It was the greatest picture... of the 3 of us hahaha.

We also got to go camping! Riley & Alli's new place backs a national park with a campground. It was so easy to just drive 5 minutes from their house and spend one night camping. The kids loved it and both slept all night long without waking up & didn't get up until 7 (whaaaaat?!). It was so fun. 

One of the best blackmail pictures of Elsie I will probably ever have:


Doug & Charisse said...

I really like the idea of teaching the signs to express their various needs! I'm going to do that too. Ben likes knowing the words for his favorite things (car, ball, milk...) and it's the cutest thing to see him sign 'please.' i also am working on thank you and love (short for ily, obviously...). That should probably be enough lol :).

Rachel said...

I demand more updates! I miss the Wilson clan!

Jane said...

Way to update the blog! and that picture of Elsie is seriously awesome.