Thursday, July 18, 2013

Elsie's birthday & some 2013 catch up

Elsie turned one last month in the midst of our move.  It was such a crazy time but luckily, one-year-olds don't care much about parties.

 Cake's not for me, Mom. We're two for two on first birthday cake-haters. I can't understand what we're doing wrong. All I know is we are going to be serving any future children cake for dinner, not dessert. They will not eat unless it is the cake they are eating, so help me!

 Whining. Elsie-style.


 Mellow Elsie.  (rare!)

 Nom nom nom. 

Crying. Typical. 

You may notice a huge lack of blog posting lately. The only explanation is that Elsie is an extremely challenging little girl. She spends a lot of time crying, wanting to be held and just being generally disagreeable (you'll notice she is smiling in only 1 of the pictures above. The one where she is sticking her tongue out at me). She is healthy, eats well, sleeps well and we have no explanation for her angst other than that she is making up for all of the strife Bennett didn't ever give me.  I find myself hanging onto my absolute last shred of sanity with her  Survival has been priority one and blogging is pretty far down the list after it. 

I am holding out hope. Up to this point, she doesn't really move on her own. She doesn't push up onto her knees when she's lying on her stomach (and screams if you try to show her). She doesn't pull up (screams if you try to show her).  She will roll once to her stomach and once to her back and can pivot on her bum while sitting.  This would be awesome if she wasn't so stinking miserable about it all the time. She hates her own little boring, motion-less life and is not afraid to just sit and cry (loudly) about it. She has endless stamina when it comes to crying and is not easily soothed. She holds a grudge if you do something she doesn't like and will cry for minutes even after you rectify your mistakes. 

She started cruising around furniture a few months ago and that has really helped her demeanor. She can officially walk on her own, but she refuses. Typical. She insists on holding a hand. Occasionally she will let you hold her sides instead and even more occasionally, you can trick her into walking on her own if she is interested in the destination. But she better be really interested, or you're going to hear about it.  I am really (REALLY) hoping that once she is walking, a lot of her grumpiness will fade because she will be able to come & go as she pleases. More likely, she will probably just cling to my legs wherever I go and cry and I will just never be able to get away from the crying instead, but hey, a girl can dream. 

On the plus side, Elsie is much more of a snuggler than Bennett ever was. She does have sweet moments and we try to cling to those.  I just keep telling myself that a year from now, she'll be talking and running and a lot of the issues we'll have now will only be a faint memory. 

Bennett on the other hand.  I am sad to have missed 6 months of blogging about Bennett's life. He is growing and changing so much and most of our Bennett memories are things I actually hope to remember.  The phrases I hear all the time now are, "You're my sweetest, nicest Mom. I love you." accompanied by a hug, or "Now I'll never be able to ______" [insert thing he has been told he can't do/have/say."  The other day he started saying "You have to just leave me alone!" every time he got upset, but that's subsided a little in the past couple days.  He is developing a little attitude but even his attitude is so Bennett-esque. Borderline polite. He doesn't scream at you, he just shakes his finger. He doesn't push people, he pushes the air and crinkles his nose in an angry face. He makes us laugh every day and is such a sweet big brother. In all our trials with Elsie, he never complains about her or the amount of time I have to spend with her (and not him, consequently).  I am really grateful for his help. 

The only picture of Elsie smiling haha. Of course it would be with Bennett. They love each other.

And we cut his hair last night and for the first time ever, he didn't scream/cry/act like we were killing him. It was awesome.

Bennett & his friend Abigail. 

 All of us at Great Falls park. 

Bennett took this picture of us and Eric Maughan who came to visit us. It was great to see Eric & great to have a kid old enough to take a pretty decent picture!

Our family right now. More stories to come sooner than Christmas, I promise.