Sunday, January 06, 2013

First Real Injury

Well, the Justin & Erin Wilson family has officially had its inaugural first medical-attention-required-type injury!  And we have all survived!

Today was Bennett's first day of Sunbeams. He loved it, until it ended with his head being split open about 3 minutes before the end of Church. Apparently, there were some unused metal folding chairs in the room, and one of the girls in the class was twirling and dancing and knocked one of them over & it hit Bennett on his forehead (I just learned it knocked her over too!). It was weird- I don't know how it even cut him as opposed to just leaving a goose egg, but it totally gouged his forehead. I don't know how it happened.  Anyway, the teachers ran into the hall yelling for help & saying there was blood, and the Primary secretary came and got me.  Luckily his brand new teachers were really nice and doing a great job of keeping him pretty calm.

Can I just say I can't be more grateful that we live in a ward with a million doctors/doctors in training? Within minutes, we had an ER doctor out in the hall looking at his head to decide if we needed stitches (he did). By the time we left the building to go to the hospital less than 10 minutes later (Justin had to be tracked down-- he was holding a sleeping Elsie in the hall on the other side of the Church), Bennett had been seen by a nurse and an ER doctor. And that's just who we could find the fastest.  I could have had probably 15 other people who are medically qualified to look at him come give me a second opinion!

We were on our way out the door with my sweet visiting teacher (she knew where a pediatric urgent care center was at the hospital & was going to ride with us to get us there and then walk home-- did I mention she is almost 30 weeks pregnant? Thank heaven she lives close to the hospital!) when a brother in our ward ran out saying he had talked to an ER trauma surgeon in the ward who had everything he needed at home to take care of Bennett. And miracle of miracles, they only live about a mile from the Church. So we went to Brother/Doctor Fillmore's house and he  cleaned up Bennett's cut and ended up using some glue & steri strips. He said he would do stitches if we wanted, but he thought the glue & strips would work just fine and that he would usually want to run an IV to mildly sedate Bennett so he would be still for the stitches, and he couldn't do that at his house. 

Anyway, less than an hour & a half after the injury happened, we had been to see the Doctor, gotten Bennett fixed up, driven home, eaten lunch, and gotten both kids in bed.  I am so grateful that it happened right at the end of Church so that it was so easy for everyone to help us.  I can't tell you how grateful I am we didn't have to take care of it at a hospital.  Not only would it have taken so much longer, but Bennett was really scared to go to the hospital & kept saying he didn't want to have a doctor look at his head.  Some of you know that he doesn't even like it when I look at his knees after he's scraped them.  He doesn't like his owies to be gazed upon, let alone worked upon!  I was so grateful we could go to a friend's house and have Bennett sit on Justin's lap surrounded by kids and friendly faces while he ate chocolate (What a good doctor, right? I wish my doctors offered chocolate when I have to have uncomfortable procedures!) and got his head pieced back together.  

 Bennett was really tough. He didn't cry at all while Brother Fillmore worked on him .  He didn't even cry much after we left the Church except when he thinks about the girl who hurt him.  He is pretty upset at her. They are really good little buddies, and he keeps telling us with the saddest little pout that he will just "yell at her so she doesn't hurt me again."  We are getting a great chance to teach about forgiving others.  It was a total accident & I'm sure she has a good bruise to show for it, too, the poor kid!

This was him during lunch at home. He's obviously traumatized, as you can see.  Here's hoping for minimal scarring & that he's still excited when it comes time for Sunbeams next week..... not exactly the glowing first Primary experience I had hoped for! We are just glad he's ok & that it wasn't any worse!  We sure love this little guy!