Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Remember that one time...

I just remembered something that is too funny to ever forget. It happened at Bennett's surprise birthday party, which I conveniently posted about just below.  What all the darling photos I posted DON'T show is the following story.

We had just finished serving the cake & ice cream, and I had asked Bennett to sit on the ground by the bouncer that you can see in this picture.

I thought it was a pretty good out-of-the-way type spot to sit.  And it was close enough to me (serving cake & ice cream at the table) that I could keep and eye on him/hear him if he needed anything. 

Well, I just finished serving everything & took a step back. 

Right into Bennett's freshly served birthday cake & ice cream.  

We're talking middle of the plate, my friends.  Not a piece of food was spared from mom's stomp-print. You would have thought the world was ending.  Many of you know that Bennett is a bit sensitive. Well having his birthday cake and ice cream squashed right in front of him by his own mother as he obediently sat where I asked him to eat just about ripped his heart and soul in two (ok, I'll admit, I might have cried too if my mother did the same). 

Luckily (luckily) there was 1 piece of chocolate train cake left, and some more ice cream. Phew. I wouldn't go so far as to say crisis averted, but it did make the tears stop.....eventually....

Mother of the Year, folks. MotY.


Rachel said...

Poor little guy! Thank goodness there was another piece left!

mildred said...

I laughed REALLY hard when I read this so you can tell what sort of mom I am.

RobinfromCA said...

Yeah, I know I'm reading this 6 weeks late but being a Brooksby keeps us busy these days! So happy Bennett had a great birthday. LOVE the invites you did for Joe's 2nd! Really wish we could see you guys!