Monday, September 03, 2012

Elsie at 2 months

Elsie is 2 1/2 months old already. 11 freaking weeks! I can describe the past 11 weeks as follows:  the days are ETERNAL, but the weeks fly by.

Ok, it's not that bad. All the time. Ha, right, Erin?! YOU CAN DO THIS!

Elsie is HUGE-- 95th percentile all around.  She's 24 inches long and weighed 13lbs. 10oz. at her 2 month checkup, which was a couple weeks ago.  That puts her well over 14 lbs. now... possibly even pushing 15?  She is seriously so big.  I LOVE all her little (ok, big) rolls!

She is the smiliest baby I know when she's happy.  She is even getting close to a giggle here and there when we tickle her.  She is also super emotional (what a girl!).  She goes back and forth between happy and sad a million times some days... for no reason other than good practice.  Maybe she will be an actress.

She has been a REALLY poor napper.  She would sleep for 40 minutes and then be wide awake and unable to go back to sleep, even with a binky, rocking, shushing, none of those things, you name it. We tried everything.  Massage. White noise.  Binky. No binky.  Swaddled & un-swaddled.  A/C on. A/C off. Light. Dark.  You name it.  She was driving me crazy.  Not only did we have NO schedule at all, she was SO cranky all the time. Which was making me SO cranky all the time (poor Bennett in a house full of cranky girls all day).

At 10 weeks, I had two options left.  Crying, or lose my sanity.  I wasn't sure if I was really ready to let her "cry-it-out" per se.  I am all for crying if I feel like the baby is learning something, but I wasn't sure if 10 weeks was too early for her to learn some self soothing techniques (this is just for naps, by the way.  Nighttime she did great, and if she woke up, I'd just feed her and she'd go straight back down).  Well, Justin and I decided to give it a one week test.  When it was nap time, we'd lay her down & if she woke up after 40 minutes (ok, WHEN she woke up after 40 minutes), then she could cry until naptime was over (at least 1hr. 15 minutes).  Well, our week trial is up and I am happy to report that she is doing SO much better.  Most of her naps are at least an hour and a half and some are 2 hours.  We've even had a few 3 hour naps in there. I think the longest she ever cried was like 12 minutes straight on the first day.  Now, it seems that she always fusses for a few minutes on and off around the 40 minute mark for about 2-15 minutes, and then hits the hay hard.  She is SO much happier and so am I.

On the nursing front, just like with Bennett, week 7 was sort of a magic number.  She finally started being able to handle the let-down better, and wasn't on and off so much all the time.  Week 8 was markedly better, too.  Now, at week 11, she is still doing about the same.  She definitely doesn't enjoy nursing, but she'll do it if she has to.  She likes it better than Bennett did, but all that really says is how much Bennett hated it.  She would love to just have a bottle every time.  So would I actually, if I could commit to exclusively pumping... but I'm not sure I want to do that yet.  She would eat more from a bottle, too, but clearly, that's not necessary.


There is absolutely nothing that is more stressful than children at their worst.  Be it not sleeping/teething/hungry/whiny/tired/generally cranky/livid.... you get the picture.

There are days when both kids are being difficult when I swear (SWEAR) our offspring count ends at 2. Ask Justin.  I mean it.

But, there is absolutely nothing that brings me more joy than when my kids are wonderful.  Helpful/smiley/laughing/thoughtful/kind/goofy/loving.... you get the picture.

Those are the days when I consider possibly having another.  Maybe. Maybe.