Monday, May 14, 2012

Nameless Babe

This is getting ridiculous.  Please start listing acceptable baby girl names, so that I may finally select the perfect one and quit stressing over our nameless child.


Rachel said...

Erin. Did I not already list many lovely names for you? Final offer: Rachel.

Meg Morley Walter said...


L.Jo said...

I'm such a name junkie any list I gave you wouldn't help because it would be too long. So instead I shall say keep away from pretty much everything on these lists and you'll be fine. :-)

Kendall said...

hhahaah we didnt agree on a name for for this until a couple weeks ago! Hang in there girl yall will figure it out! Just remember to go with something that feels right. Here are a couple more options from me.. Alexandra,Evelynn,Alyssa,Nicole..If you like older names theres also Olive :)Good Luck babe!

Allison Serafine said...

I fear I would only suggest names that I like and I better keep those a secret...

Brighton Brooksby said...

I'm sure that you and Justin will figure something out. It took my brother and sister-in-law to name their little girl until the day she was born. They had a giant list and then they ended up not picking a name from the list at all and surprised us.
Don't give up hope! I'm sure there are going to be plenty of perfect names for this little cutie.

Jessica Madsen said...

Erin, I would love to hear what kind of names you like... because it seems pointless giving you a whole bunch of names that are not your type or style... But, here goes anyway... some girl names I like are:


Good luck! I get inspiration from family names.... and sometimes, it might be something just laying around the house that pops out to you one day... You will figure it out! Her name will come to you! And I am sure whatever you choose it will be BEAUTIFUL! I can`t tell you the name I love right now... for either boy or girl... because Justin hates it! :( He says there is no way... We will see... :)
Good luck!

Erin said...

Jessica-- that's the hard part. I like all kinds of different names. Any suggestion is good! Justin vetoed loads of my names, too! And p.s., I have a sister named Lauren and she would be THRILLED if we named our babe after her, I'm sure!

Everyone else, your comments rock. Thanks!

jaromanderica said...

Here is a favorite, one that I will not be using because I have another favorite haha which is a secret.. haha


Those are all the names I liked when I was pregnant with Fae.. her name was SUPPOSED to be Faegan... and just go by Fae but Jarom said no to Faegan and we just named her Fae!

Names are hard, good luck!

RobinfromCA said...

You could always name her after me but nobody uses Robin anymore. (Come to think of it, nobody used it much then either!)

Search through your family histories. There are so many generations to look at I'm sure one will pop out. Then you can say "Oh, she was named after my great, great, great grandmother." You'll sound so cool! Well, that is unless the name is Irma or something. Don't name your little girl Irma - or Edna. I have both of those names in my family history and they're hideous!
Aunt Robin

mildred said...


Liz said...


Can't wait for that little babe to get here! Very exciting!

Melissa said... about....Elsie? ya? you like?

Erin said...

Cheater, Melissa!