Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Here is something I just can't understand.

Without revealing our address, I will say that these gas station locations (at markers A & B) are relatively close to my house.  They are exactly 1.3 miles apart, or roughly 2 minutes driving (thanks, Google Maps).  Both points A and B are immediately off of highway exits on equally major crossroads in normal, safe parts of town.  There are two gas stations at marker A, and three on the various corners of marker B.

The gas at point A is consistently, and I am not exaggerating, thirty cents more per gallon than the gas at point B.

Case and point.  Earlier this week, gas at point A was $3.89.  Gas at point B was $3.54.  These are both credit card prices.

Every time I see people filling up at either of the stations at point A, I really want to ask them why.  WHY?!

I figured maybe blogging about it will prevent me from continuing to get angry every time I pass point A.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day

Today's high in Baltimore was 97 degrees with about 65% humidity.  Perfect day to spend outside 37 1/2 weeks pregnant.

Bennett in his first tug-o-war.  They did little kids/junior primary vs. the moms (and senior primary vs. the dads, which was pretty amusing).

Anchoring the rope.  What a tough guy. 

Dad & Bennett. 

Us.  T-minus 19 days til baby comes (or less?!....)

Saturday, May 26, 2012

A little bit of everything

With 3 weeks to go, I am trying to post at least a few things before this baby comes.  I just know that even though it's nearly impossible, I'll probably be blogging LESS once she's actually here.

In good news, I think we are finally down to the last couple name choices.  We arrived at the name Bennett so easily, and we both loved it so much, I just assumed that it would be the same for any of our other kids.  I NEVER thought we would spend so much time stewing over it, I just sort of expected to easily arrive at something perfect.  Well, it wasn't easy, but it finally looks like we'll actually end up with a name that both of us enjoy.

So what's happened since the last time I posted?  Well, tons.  Bennett is just so easy and fun these days.  I told Justin that it's good we're already pregnant, because if we weren't, I can see how we could get too used to having one easy kid, and just never get around to having any more!  Bennett really requires so little of us, generally speaking.  He loves to play and read with us, go to the playground or the Science Center (his favorite, for sure), but he is also content to play and read on his own for (literally) HOURS.
This was on Mother's Day.  My brother, Jared, got to call home from his mission in Hawaii, and Bennett was a little bored with the phone call. He disappeared into his room, and was being so quiet that I finally went in to check on him about 30 minutes later.  He had gotten his fireman hat on and was reading his "Mega Rescuers" book to his Lorax.  Just happy as a clam.  I went back into our room to finish the phone call, and he just read to himself the whole time. 

He still naps for a couple hours a day and he is a great & willing helper.  He is always happy to throw things away for me, help me clean or do laundry or make dinner, and he loves to clean up his toys.  He can't go to sleep unless his room is clean an everything is in the right place.  I truly almost never have to clean up any toys around the house anymore.  It is wonderful.

He can follow any instructions, even huge lists.  The other day, I told him to go to his stack of library books upstairs (we have about 10 out right now) and told him which 3 books he needed to bring down to take back to the library.  He willing ran right upstairs, and sure enough, came down with the right 3 books, no more, no less.  It was amazing.

He has always had a really (really really) good memory.  Lately, we've been testing his skills & it seems that he can remember lists of up to about 8 or 9 things.  For example, we'll always talk with him about what he'd like to pray for before he says his prayers at night.  He'll list a bunch of things, and so will we.  I always hope he'll remember at least a couple, but he can remember at least 8 unique things a night.  Not too shabby.

One things he's been not great about is nighttime potty training.  Well, I can't complain too much.  Firstly, he's waking up on his own to use the potty, so I'm not cleaning up accidents (hooray!).  But, he's waking up at night (maybe 3 times a week) to use the potty, and he almost always wakes up crying because he's so tired & confused about waking up at night.  Sometimes he has trouble going back to sleep afterward. That's been a little frustrating, but like I said, it could be way worse.  I've really enjoyed my 2 1/2 months of diaper-free house!

One of my favorite things he's really taken to lately is learning songs.  He LOVES to "sing" and be sung to.  He can learn songs really quickly & I'm always smiling at his renditions of things he's only heard once and is trying to remember. He's also started trying to make up his own songs, most of which are about baby sister or Herbert Ninnenger (a bunny from a Curious George movie he has). This is an early example.

His later compositions are getting more sophisticated haha.

Him singing/playing "I Am a Child of God"

Him singing the "Prophet Song" (for all you members of the Church, the "Latter-Day Prophets" song). He learned this song in a couple of days, which I was really impressed with, since it's basically just a huge list of foreign names to him.

My favorite parts of this one: "GRANT!" "David OOOOOOO McKay was followed by Joseph Smelly Smith," and the quick snippet of another song in the middle bahahaha.

Anyway, while I'm digging through the archives of the past few months here, here are a couple pictures of Easter.

Easter suit!

Easter sweets

Dad & Bennett

This is Justin's birthday.  I thought that this year, instead of going out for his birthday to an expensive dinner (something more my style haha), I'd surprise Justin with something more his style & we went bowling with friends & had bowling alley pizza instead.

What made me think I could even possibly bowl at 33 weeks pregnant, the world may never know (I couldn't, just for clarification.  Well.... I tried.  And failed miserably.  I think my high score for the night was 78). But we had a blast with the Lee's anyway.

Aaaaaand since this post is already so random anyway.  One video of Bennett catching a fish.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Nameless Babe

This is getting ridiculous.  Please start listing acceptable baby girl names, so that I may finally select the perfect one and quit stressing over our nameless child.