Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Best $8 we ever spent (plus paint, I guess...)
This is when I'm extra grateful Justin is talented artistically. Some of those gauges fool even me sometimes.
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Friday, March 16, 2012


I just posted this on facebook, and thought I would put it here too so I can find it later. I have been an awful blogger this whole pregnancy, mostly just because it has been entirely uneventful.  I have had no ill-effects whatsoever, though my hips have felt pretty old-womanish while I'm sleeping for a month or two now.  Occasional heartburn, no swelling. I'll be in my third trimester tomorrow, and with Bennett, I couldn't even wear my rings after 20 weeks I was so swollen.  As of this point in my first pregnancy, I started swelling so badly in my feet that I could only wear one pair of flip flops (anyone at Olson & Hoggan remember that three months of my not-at-all-business-casual footwear?)

you can click the picture to see it closer
Anyway, I'm grateful to have just felt overall SO much better, healthier, and more active this pregnancy.

Here's to the last 13 weeks!  Also, any girl's name suggestions are welcomed.  We have NOTHING.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Remember that time it snowed?

I can't even say how pleased I am that I can write "remember that time it snowed" and have the singular case on the word "time" actually be correct when referring to an entire winter season.

Yep, it's true.  This year in Baltimore, it snowed a grand total of one time.  I took pictures of Bennett playing outside, since it was the first snow, and it was lucky I did, since it turned out to be the only snow of his 2-year-old life.

It hardly even counts.  You can see in the pictures how little snow there actually was-- not even enough to fully cover the grass.  And it was coated in a thick sheet of ice.  Not much for snowmen, but we had a blast anyway.

This week has seen 4 days over 70 degrees so far.  Tuesday topped 80.  No winter AND early spring?!  I'm in heaven!  I have waited my whole life for a year like this!

What's that you say?

I don't blog enough?  Oh just you wait for the next day.

I made this yesterday.  I wanted to make an Easter decoration, but I saw this on Pinterest a couple days ago and got distracted from my Easter idea.  I was going to make the birds with paper clips, but I had this frame sitting empty ever since I took our Valentine's Day decorations down (yesterday morning) and we didn't have good paper clips anyway.

I like it. And it's just in time for spring.