Sunday, February 26, 2012

What a week!

In the last week (chronologically):

-Mice invade the house (this is apparently common in our complex-- wish I had known before we moved in!  And when I say mice invasion, I mean we saw one and found some droppings.  We have known there have been mice in the house for almost 2 months now-- we find droppings every 4th day or so.  It's nothing from a horror movie if I'm being rational.... I guess.  Though it is still horrifying to me & I have been in various states of sanity over the situation over the course of those 2 months. Additionally, with every kind of trap known to man all over our house, we have caught ZERO mice, which makes it worse.)

-I tried not to hyperventilate over mice.

-My parents and sister decided to come visit us for a couple days since my sister had winter break this last week.

-Found out Justin's otherwise healthy Grandpa Floyd had been feeling tired because he has cancer.

-Decided to try and have Justin go out for a visit in May, since Justin wanted to go then for another reason around Memorial Day anyway

-With the help of a good friend (shoutout to Josh, who doesn't read this), Justin moved all the appliances and patched every single hole he could find in our ancient house to deter our furry friends.

-We decided to purchase my Grandma's car from NY

-Arranged financing for the part of the purchase price that was above our tax refund (Boo.  Our very first debt EVER.)

-With a great deal of help from my Mom, we managed to get the car inspected by a mechanic, and picked up from my Aunt & Uncle's house where my Grandma had been living until she had to stay in Utah & brought to my parent's house.

-Learned Grandpa's cancer was malignant and widespread. His life expectancy quickly dropped from months to weeks

-Booked Justin some tickets to go see his Grandpa this coming Tuesday-Thursday (we miraculously had an award ticket that we had to use before it expired on March 15th.  Coincidence?  I think not).

-Our landlord came over and took off the kickboard to the dishwasher to try and patch up any holes he could find back there.  BINGO.  It was clear that mice had been getting in through a GAPING HOLE behind the dishwasher-- WHO CONSTRUCTED THIS BUILDING?!).  He went to town with insulation and that spray foam stuff.

-I tried again not to hyperventilate, thinking about mice.

-My parents drove their car & my Grandma's car down from NY to come see us (driving alone for 6 hours: talk about a sacrifice!) They arrived Thursday evening.

-Parents laughed at me trying not to have a panic attack over the mice. Dad, acting as a therapist, told me that if I live every day in paranoid "was that scratching I hear?" fear, the mice have won.

-Friday, Grandpa's condition deteriorated to the point that we changed Justin's ticket to the next day at 3:00pm-- the earliest flight that still had an award ticket available.

-Friday, Justin and Bennett both started coming down with colds.

-By Friday night, it became apparent that Justin needed to make it there as early as possible on Saturday. We decided to take him to the airport at 6:30am and put ourselves at the mercy of the airline industry (ha!) and see if he could get on standby for the 8:45am nonstop flight to SLC.

-Friday night, we signed all the papers to buy the car.

-My Dad volunteered to drive Justin to the airport Saturday morning (what a saint), and miraculously, Justin was able to get ticketed for the earlier flight.

-Saturday morning, I took the car to get the state inspection done.  In Maryland, you only have to get your car inspected if you are new to the state and registering the car for the first time, or if the car changes hands. So the inspections are intense.  With Justin gone and family in town, I held my breath we wouldn't need much fixed.

-Car nearly passed-- just had to replace the back left tire (it was somehow split down to the wires-- don't know how the mechanic we had inspect the car in NY hadn't caught that.  So glad it didn't blow while my Dad was driving it the 6 1/2 hours down here!), and the back right backup light.

-Breathed a sigh of relief that the auto shop next to the inspection station could fix the tire quickly.  Dad helped me replace the backup light (ok, more like I helped him.  But now I know how to do it!)

As of Sunday night, Justin is in Utah.  My family has gone home.  Bennett has a hacking cough and a fever.  Grandpa Floyd is hanging on.  I am sitting alone on my couch wishing the house was a bit louder so I couldn't listen for mice (also, praying fervently they are gone forever). Tomorrow morning, we will leave the house at 7:30am, get the car re-inspected at 8am, go to a doctor's appointment at 9am (where they will hopefully not kick us out due to Bennett's obvious illness), and go to the DMV to get the car registered around 10.  At 10pm, we'll drive to the airport to pick Justin up.

Talk about a crazy week, right?

Miraculously, though, we've been surprised at how well the timing of all this has worked out (except the mice.  Mice never have good timing.  Thanks for nothing for saving the mice on the ark, Noah.).  Justin got to see his Grandpa before he dies. When Justin had to leave suddenly, my parents were here to keep me company and help me get the car inspected so I didn't have to sit by myself with Bennett for an hour at the inspection place and two hours at the auto shop for the tire to get replaced.  And ok,  the illnesses aren't great either, but at least Bennett has been handling it like a trooper and telling me that he "feels happy" when I ask if he feels healthy or sick.  We know we're being watched over and I guess the fact that we can see that in this crazy moment is more a blessing than you sometimes get in crazy moments.

So anyway, this post is long and mildly heavy.  I mostly just wanted to write it all down, because one day I'll look back and be glad it's all behind us.  That day will probably be Tuesday.

To sum up the good news, we now own (ok, well sort of own it... darn payments) a 2003 Honda CR-V with only 62,500 miles with a new back left tire.  I'll post a picture once my mom sends me the one she took.

And lastly and most importantly, this man has lived an awesome life and we are all so glad to have gotten to spend so much time with him over the years.  Justin and I spent a lot of time with him in Provo when we were dating and first married.  Heck, he was Justin's best man at our wedding! I mean really, how often are Grandpas best men? I wish I could be there to say goodbye, but I'm so grateful I have plenty of good memories with ole Grandpa Floyd.