Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Baltimore Zoo

So you would think that a lack of blogging would indicate that we've done nothing. On the contrary, we have been doing so much I haven't been able to muster the courage to tackle the blogging on which I'm now behind (you're welcome for the correct grammar).

So, in the past 3 months that we have lived here, we have made 2 trips to the zoo, a trip to the Science Center, 2 aquarium visits, celebrated Bennett's second birthday, gone to a Fire Museum (a museum about fire-fighting, not actual fire, as the name would lead you to believe), taken a trip to NY, and about a million other things that might usually be blog-worthy, but let's just face it: I'm not going to get to them here. But I did want to at least start. So over the next few days (ok, probably weeks), I will give you, in no particular order, the events of the last 3 months.

Starting with...THE ZOO!

Do not be fooled. The zoo is not a place for smiles. This is before we saw any actual animals.

Bennett spent our entire "fun trip to the zoo!" clutching desparately to me, head buried in my shoulder, cowering in fear and refusing to so much as look at any of the animals. The only parts he actually enjoyed (with the exception of one exhibit, which I'll show at the end), were the things that didn't really involve animals at all, such as this thing you could spin that talked about how zebra camouflage works.

Even the fake animals were terrifying.

All new experiences and fake animals had to be approached with extreme caution. Bennett did not appreciate me putting him on this turtle for a "cute photo-op."

He's only standing here and smiling because I told him he had to. He was terrified of this bird's nest.

Ditto here.

Bennett talked about two things after we got home from the zoo that day. His favorite exhibit (coming up-- just wait), and the giraffe. He insisted that the giraffe went "neigh" (like a horse), and I can't much fault him for this misconception considering he refused to actually look at the giraffe while we were at the zoo.

Now, his favorite exhibit.
Finally, a calm face.

There. Can you see it?

You got it. The wildly exotic duck.

Other good parts of the zoo:
sticking your head through the holes where you look like an animal

going through the chains that kept the ducks from escaping

By fat the WORST part (among the many bad parts) of the zoo:
Oh the horror!

Don't you love taking your kid to do something "so fun" and having it completely backfire?