Friday, September 16, 2011

Here are some pictures from the wedding.  Ignore the watermarks.  I can't pay for all these prints!  
 How come I can't ever get him to look at the camera?!

 I just think this one is so cute!  Not a pose I would love normally, but I just think it fits them and they look so happy in it haha. 

And a couple from the open house for good measure:

Hopefully I'll get a few more from the open house soon! I have a feeling there will be some more good ones. 


John and Valerie said...

I am so jealous you went to oregon.. I miss it so much!!

Jessica Madsen said...

Bennett is to die for handsome...
Love your hair so long Erin!

Laura said...

Beautiful! The one where you are holding the frame is such a cute idea!

The Dalton's said...

Your hair is SOOO long!! And Bennett looks SOOO old!!