Monday, June 13, 2011


My new sister-in-law Allison just posted some photos from her wedding and I am just in love with this one.

Have I ever mentioned how lucky I feel to have married into a family with brother-in-laws so smart that they picked these girls to be my sister-in-laws! I was so excited to marry Justin, for many reason obviously, but I was super excited to get Andrea as a sister. I have truly loved watching her grow up from dorky freshman to the beautiful young lady she is now. And ok, you're right, she was never dorky. She was always way cooler and smarter than I was.

And I could go on for days about how thrilled I was when I realized that Kalen was going to marry Jenell (about 3 months before actual proposal), and when I knew Brandon would marry Chelsie (like 3 years before actual proposal... haha, just kidding!). Really, I couldn't get along better with these girls and I'm so happy to have lived so close to them all while we were here in Utah. They were a huge part of my family away from family. Thank heaven they are all going to move to the East coast in a couple years, right, girls? That's what I thought.

That top picture is from Riley & Allison's wedding and I only wish Allison was in it too! But we do have this one. This is more like how we usually act. Weird.

It was a gorgeous wedding and I'm so thrilled to have Allison as a sister, too! What a great group of girls!

And as long as I'm talking about sisters, what about this awesome one! My only for real sister, Lauren!
Yep, that's her! We've had some pretty wacky times, and I have loved watching her grow up, too, albeit from afar! Heck, when I left for college, she was only 7!

She is a beautiful, smart and super talented girl who I am so lucky to call my sister. She is almost better than me at the flute (right Lauren? Almost better?), can you believe it? Me neither, since I am the best (other sister-in-laws, remember how music never comes up in conversation? I am able to remedy that easily when it is my own blog). I hope we get to move closer to my family soon so Lauren and I can spend loads more time together.

Here's a wedding picture with Lauren, since she wasn't in any of Allison's. (Can you believe this was 4 1/2 years ago?)

And here is a super funny picture I found on my family's blog. HA! Look at Lauren! Look at that suit! This picture is amazing!

All around, I've got schweeet sisters (right Andrea?). Love you guys.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Believe it.

There may be some out there who think it is physically impossible for me to run faster than, well, a brisk walk. I can't really blame you, since pretty much no one has ever witnessed this happen.

However, be it known that I can do it. When my redbox is due at 9pm and I don't want to pay an extra dollar and I went to the redbox across the street on time but their machine was broken and now I am running late and I pull up to Walmart at 8:59pm on a Saturday night when every Mormon in town is stocking up before Sunday and I have to park in the next town over. Then, I will run like a bat out of the opposite of heaven.

And yes, if you were at the Providence Walmart tonight at 8:59pm, I was the crazy lady booking it through the parking lot. I would say I hope you timed me, except that my car clock timed me. I was back in the car and driving away at 9pm.

$1 saved. Ca-ching!

Friday, June 10, 2011


So much has been happening lately, I couldn't even hope to write about half of it. Justin has been looking for a job, and I, by association, have been looking at a lot of apartments and imagining our life with a job in one of them. It has been taking up a majority of my time. We've also attended my sister-in-law's graduation, competed in a spelling bee lovingly thrown for me by a few of our Logan friends, sent my brother off to the MTC (2 year mission to Honolulu, Hawaii, the lucky dog!), and now that I'm thinking about it, we also went on a cruise. Haven't blogged about that yet, I guess. But right now, I'm not here to write about any of that important stuff. I'm here to say that Justin has TWO interviews next week. One is in Baltimore (Rachel Rushforth, we could practically be neighbors!), and one is in Schenectady, NY (I could for reals be neighbors with my parents). Both jobs have pros and cons, but we are really hoping one of them works out. Justin is one of two people being interviewed in Schenectady and one of three or four in Baltimore. So, pray for us, cross your fingers for us, make voodoo dolls of the hiring managers and make them say "you're hired!" for us, whatever you feel will help the most. We're really really REALLY hoping this is the end to about 8 solid months of job searching.

Additionally, Bennett is finally talking. Like real words, no more of this baby babbling. He's still got a long way to go, but he can say pretty much anything two syllables or less in a semi-recognizable fashion now. We're, of course, beaming with joy and think we have the cutest baby who ever lived. I would upload a video, but Justin has the camera right now. Instead, I'll just put some pictures of Bennett and a hilarious video from back in April. Ok, a moderately funny video. You will enjoy it.

(no editing on that one either- isn't he just darling?)