Monday, May 09, 2011

Graduation and Mothers Day

This past weekend was pretty eventful. Justin graduated with his Masters in Landscape Architecture. I was so happy for him- I remember graduating and just thinking "Wahoo! No more tests! No more class! No more homework!" I was thinking his thought process would be kind of the same, but he is much more mature and rational and knows that he a) still has 2 hours of corrections to do on his thesis (not much, but he doesn't feel the relief of having nothing to do, yet) and b) still doesn't have a job. So he doesn't quite feel relieved yet, but hopefully he will soon. I have a feeling that our 7-day cruise will help. (p.s. we leave Saturday. oh my gosh!)

After graduation, we went out to dinner at a Thai restaurant called Kamin here in Logan. I know my parents probably can't even believe that I would think about ingesting Thai food, but believe it, because I did. There are actually a couple of things that I really like there, namely the sweet and sour chicken and the pad thai. But I also enjoyed the curry and drunken noodles, so yeah, my tastes are officially branching out at the ripe old age of 24. After dinner, we spent 45 minutes or so in the parking lot letting Bennett run around. It was such a beautiful day (only the second day we haven't needed jackets all year) and he was absolutely thrilled to death to jump off the curb with dad and grandpa over and over and over and over....

Also, it was Mothers Day! I got breakfast in bed, and an exercise ball and a pair of 8-lb weights. Courtney Lewis and Heidi Madsen are probably laughing at me right now. It may sound ridiculous, and usually when I get exercise equipment, I wonder if the giver of the gift is trying to give me a hint as well, but I asked for it. I've got one pound to go (I know, I know, I only had 3 pounds to go like a month ago. The pros and cons of building muscle.), and my goal was to do it by the time we left on our cruise, so wish me luck this week...

Anyway, we had a mini photo shoot for Mothers Day and got a couple decent pictures. Bennett was actually incredibly helpful for the 10 minutes we were taking pictures. He smiled when it was time (and with the camera on timer, that's hard!), and he was really good about sitting in our laps as long as we showed him each picture on the camera after it was taken. I only wish the last one was better quality! But I will love it forever anyway. It was a great Mothers Day.

Just for grins, a picture of me with my Mom (and Dad!). I love you, Mom!