Tuesday, February 22, 2011

More more more

I know. I go practically a month without posting and then two in the same week. I guess I'm an all or nothing blogger. Eh, so be it.

How can I resist posting these pictures of Bennett from the past couple weeks?

Some pictures

We spent Christmas in NY. I know it's two months past Christmas, but give a girl a break! Anyway, here's a flashback, picture-style.

Justin went ice climbing with James and Eric Maughan on the 23rd. It looked pretty cool from the pictures and Justin said he had a blast and liked it more than rock climbing, because you don't have to look for a hold, you just make your own hold with the picks.

Justin came through the door looking like this. I was terrified, of course. Justin assured me it was just dried blood because they hadn't had anything to wipe him clean with. An icicle had broken loose when he was climbing, and sliced his nose open. I told Eric he should probably not bring home people's husbands in this condition. Justin actually has a pretty decent scar from this now!

On the 28th, Justin and I celebrated our anniversary early by taking an overnight trip to Stockbridge, Massachusetts, home of the Norman Rockwell Museum. We love Norman Rockwell, and the area around Stockbridge is completely lovely and charming. I kept telling Justin I felt like we were in one of those towns in a snowglobe- everything was decorated all Christmas-y, the town was so small and old, everyone was friendly, it was just perfect.
The entrance fee for the museum is $15 a person, or $10 for students. Justin had his ID, but I didn't, so we had managed to find a $5 off coupon for me. Well, when we got there, we came inside and this guy and his adult daughter were waiting in the doorway. They said, "We saw you pull in at the same time as us, and we have two extra admissions on our pass and were wondering if you would want to come with us." It was SO nice. Really, we were so taken aback. So, instead of paying to get in, we bought a little book with all of Norman Rockwell's Saturday Evening Post covers. We love his art.

This is the town of Stockbridge. What you can see in this picture is pretty much the entire town. It really consists of probably 10 buildings on each side and that is IT. It is one of the most charming and old-fashioned feeling places I have ever been.

We stayed in a Bed & Breakfast called the Federal House Inn. We would totally recommend it- our stay was fantastic and the innkeepers were so friendly and helpful. The breakfast was amazing- stuffed french toast, orange cranberry and apricot mini muffins, bacon, poached pears, mmmm, just thinking about it makes me want to go there again. They even made us hot chocolate special since we don't drink coffee : ) The house was built in 1824 and most of the interior is all still original. It was gorgeous. Oh and I forgot to mention that they do hors d'oeuvres at 5pm every night, too. It was really wonderful.

An old Church in Stockbridge.

The Red Lion Inn in Stockbridge.

Main Street in Stockbridge.

This is Norman Rockwell's painting of Main Street in Stockbridge. It still looks identical (check out the pictures above again if you don't believe me). Rockwell once said, "I just love Stockbridge. I mean Stockbridge is the best of America, the best of New England. There's almost nobody in town I haven't painted." A lot of the people he painted actually still live in town and sometimes go to the museum to sign autographs of the pictures they are in and tell stories about working with Rockwell. It was amazing.

This is where Bennett spent a lot of time over the break- "downstairs!" He loved downstairs. My mom found tons of our old toys and had them all out and ready to play with. They definitely saw some good use while we were there! Bennett would go with anyone who would take him downstairs, even if it was a complete stranger!

One of his favorite things was this little pretend checkout stand. He only really cared about the microphone. He always wanted to talk into it!

Bennett and Bradley. Bradley is my littlest cousin- he is 10 days older than Bennett!

New Years kiss!

Dad and Lauren!
Grandma Brooksby.

Awww, my parents.

Brett and my Mom.

My mom and Bennett.

I went through a bunch of my old stuff when I was at home and this was one of my elementary school projects (4th grade) that bit the dust. I had to take a picture though, because I remember being so proud of it when I first made it! Does anyone from BHBL remember making these at Pashley?!

Our family bowling! It's my family's New Years Day tradition to go bowling. I'm not sure how it started. We probably did it one year and then us kids remembered the next year and begged to go, claiming it was "a tradition." But it's always fun to go and try to break 100!

Christmas break was amazing and we were sad to leave, though it's always nice to come home and sleep in your own bed (and have your child sleep through the night again in his own bed). New York is one of my favorite places on earth. I miss it a lot in between visits and hope we'll be able to go back soon and see more friends and family!

Thursday, February 17, 2011


Pros of our 10" snowfall that fell in about 2 hours last night: our house is filled with the most pure and beautiful white natural light today.

Cons of same snowfall: everything else.