Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Well, today we got a snowstorm. It is apparently supposed to continue all night, but it's dark out so I have no idea how bad things are currently. All I know is that between about 3:30pm and 5pm (when it was too dark to see), we got 2-3" of snow. Can't wait to see how much is there tomorrow. I'll post pictures and video of the storm once I have a complete beginning to end set.

Because it was supposed to practically be a world-ending snowstorm today (or so they made it seem--they closed USU and BYU campuses, probably others in UT, I don't know), we planned to stay inside. Luckily, I had a craft to do during Bennett's nap today.

Yesterday I was looking for a cute ipod case and I was browsing etsy. While looking around, I decided that all of the ones that I liked couldn't be that hard to make. I spent the rest of the night writing myself directions and drawing a pattern to make one. I got the materials this morning (managed to get all my fabric in remnants, so I only paid $5.49 for fabric, felt and snaps! And now I have enough fabric to make about 50 of these things...great), and when Bennett went down for his nap, I started. The whole thing ended up taking me about 6 hours (I am NOT a seamstress), but honestly, it went really smoothly. I only had to use my seam ripper like 3 times! Pretty awesome for me. And I cannot get over how proud of myself I am, despite the many imperfections. It will work exactly how I need it to, and I MADE IT! I am still kind of in awe of myself (humble, I know); I can't believe I pulled it off without any huge mistakes! Anyway, if you've ever tried to photograph something at 11:24pm, you know that the lighting isn't ideal. Just trust me that the colors are cool and fashionable and match each other. But I am too darn excited to wait to take better pictures or even to wait to write this post! BEHOLD!

BAH! I made that!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Cinnamon Rolls & late Halloween & other stuff

Told you I would post a picture.

These are to die for. I could eat a million of them.

On a completely unrelated note, Bennett was Tarzan for Halloween this year. I made his costume (no huge feat) and I think it turned out just right, albeit a little short. But that's ok, he would have had to wear pants under it anyway since it was so cold, and it probably made it easier for him to walk in anyway!

We couldn't resist having him be Tarzan since he has been able to beat his chest and do a little tarzan yell for months now. Bennett also cut 5 (yes, 5) new teeth on Halloween day- two top molars, two teeth on the sides of his bottom front teeth and one tooth on the side of his top front teeth (he already had the other tooth on the side of his top front teeth. Maybe I should learn teeth names so this isn't so confusing...). He ran a fever all day and pretty much sat in our laps and acted completely wimpy when he wasn't napping (napping took up more than 4 hours that day). It was a VERY relaxing Sunday!

In other Bennett news, in the last week, he has started signing to us regularly! He has done the sign for "more" for a few months now, but only if we would say the word first. Now he will do it all by himself. He also learned the sign for "please" in literally a day and the same with "thank you." He signs "help" a thousand times a day, which would be really helpful, if only it was always clear what on earth he wanted help with. Sometimes he will just sign help over and over and over and very clearly be trying to tell you something, but we just can't figure out what he's trying to get from us.

On another unrelated note, we went down to visit my brother Jared at BYU on my birthday a few weekends ago. Here are some pictures. Bennett loved playing with him and they had so much fun kicking around the pool table balls!

While we're on the topic of birthdays and since this is already the world's most disjointed blog post, I thought I would post a couple videos of the birthday trauma that we put Bennett through. This is the second birthday party we had for him with our extended family and, well, now the internet knows what bad parents we are.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

What the!?

World's worst blogger! How come I can't snap out of it! Stuff happens in our life, I swear!

Past events:
- My birthday was on the 6th. It was fab and I got four amazing presents. Scrapbooking paper from Brandon & Chelsie, a darling pair of boots that I have been fawning over for some time now from Justin, a gift certificate for a massage at a local spa from my in-laws, and *drumroll* and IPOD TOUCH! I can finally stop sinning, since I have been coveting Justin's since he got it last Christmas.
- Winter has arrived. I've never lived through winter with a baby who does much more than just stare at me adoringly. Needless to say, my creativity is being tested. Also my patience, because Bennett's favorite new activity is yelling.
- Bennett has been sick. It is pathetic, as always, but he acts normal all day and just coughs a lot during naps and at night. It's kind of cruel, really, because he's not extra snuggly (the only plus of having a sick baby), and yet, I still can't go visit anyone because he's sick, so my adult interaction time is seriously lacking.

Upcoming events:
- Tomorrow evening, I will be traveling solo down to West Jordan to see Andrea (my sister-in-law) in her play, West Side Story. Two exciting things about this: one- Andrea is in a play (and a decent play, too!) and two-I will be traveling solo. Justin offered to let me go by myself while he stayed overnight with Bennett here at home. If you'd like to guess what time I'll be waking up on Saturday, I'm sure we could get a good pool going on here. To help your chances, I'll remind you that Bennett has been sick and on Tuesday night he was up 4 times, and this morning he decided to wake up at 6am.
- Thanksgiving, followedshortlythereafterby CHRISTMAS! We'll be in NY this year- will we see any of you fellow New Yorkers there?!

Immediately upcoming events:
- I think I am going to make some cinnamon rolls right now. Pictures to follow (if they turn out).