Thursday, October 21, 2010

One day

One day I will have my own house. And therefore, I will have my own water heater. And it will warm my shower, not my downstairs or upstairs neighbors', even if I am showering at 10am (which seems to be a perfectly reasonable time of day to expect that you would not be competing with someone else's shower).

I heard once that rinsing your hair with cold water would somehow make your hair more awesome. If that is true, why doesn't my hair look more awesome today?

Bennett's how old?

Yes, it's true. This little guy is officially a year old.

All I can say is, no one's lying when they tell you that time flies.

We had a little family celebration on Bennett's actual birthday. Justin stayed home an extra half hour in the morning so he could be there when Bennett woke up and we could give him our present- A Radio-Flyer "Retro Rocket."

It was a great choice- Bennett seems to really love it. He hasn't yet figured out how to push himself around on it, but he sure does love climbing on and off of it, pushing all the buttons and pulling it around with him.

We also blew up a ton of balloons so that he could just play with them all day (while being carefully watched so I could pick up any pieces that popped! I know! Choking hazard.). He only popped 3, actually, and they all popped slowly, so there was no traumatizing! Success!

That night, we let Bennett open his present from my parents- a Little Tykes lawnmower. Another toy he completely loves. The day after his birthday, he was pushing it around the front room, and I had to grab him for nap time and he threw a holy fit that I would DARE take away his lawnmower and make him take a nap. He has never done that with a toy before!

After he opened the mower, we tried to let him eat his birthday cake. I got him a free one from Maceys and made one for Justin and I to eat (since we didn't want to eat slobbery Bennett cake). Justin's not a huge fan of cake, so I made it a brownie cake. I've got to toot my own horn (what kind of an expression is that, anyway?) for a second and say it turned out pretty awesome. It was pretty much the first cake I've ever made that wasn't just in a 9X13 pan, and I did two brownie layers with chocolate frosting in between and then frosted the whole thing like this:

Not bad for using store-bought icing (and store-bought everything else, too). And I honestly frosted & decorated the whole thing in under 30 minutes! Confession: I would truly love to take a cake decorating class, and I have almost signed up for one a few times except that second confession, I HATE baking. On occasion, I don't mind making a pan of brownies (how elaborate!), or maybe chocolate chip cookies (ooooh! aaaah!), but the thought of taking a class that would require me to regularly make my own cakes AND frosting.... well, I just can't get myself to do it. It's not even so much the baking as it is the dishes afterward. Boy do I hate dishes.

Anyway, giving Bennett his cake was a complete and total disaster. From the minute we sat him in his high chair and sang the song, he was in tears. He wouldn't even touch the cake, not even after I gave him a taste of the frosting off my finger. He just kept crying and reaching for Justin and I (while my family looked on via Skype). Every time he would reach, his arm would go through the frosting.

Oh, did I forget to mention the bright blue frosting? Well, take note, fellow mothers of children who will one day turn one: DO NOT order a cake with blue frosting. Your poor, sobbing baby will be like a sticky cookie monster, reaching out for you pathetically as if to say, "Mommy help me! This cake is scary! I don't want it! Hold me!" And you will be like, "You are sticky and stained blue! I will hold you at arm's length!"

And he will just cry harder.Anyway, after scarring our baby boy once (Happy Birthday!), we figured, "Why not try it again?" We had little family party down in West Jordan over conference weekend, and we figured we would do it in the middle of the day in case sleepiness was the cause of the above meltdown.

Nope. We got the exact same reaction. And he loves eating cupcakes (which I made the next day for his little friend party), so I don't know what his deal was. I don't think he liked everyone staring at him with his shirt off (Mom... you're embarrassing me!).

We still can't believe he is actually one. It is hard to pack up toys and clothes and bottles (yep, we took his bottle away cold turkey on the day after his birthday. Worked like a charm!) and admit to myself that he will never be a baby again. Honestly, though, it's hard to admit at the end of the day that he will never do things exactly like he did that day again either. But we are enjoying every minute of it and trying to take lots of pictures and videos. Most of which I do a shameful job of getting on the internet. Sorry, family.

Here's our little family on September 28, 2010!

Bennett on his birthday

Also, here is a sneak peak of some family pictures we got taken over Conference weekend!

And for the record, here are some of Bennett's frequently used words:
-this (his absolute most-used word. He pretty much says it all day long and it is how he asks for everything)
-dog ("dih")
-Dad (sometimes "ad")
-David ("deh-DEH"- he loves the David Goes to School book-it is his absolute favorite, and we only got it about 2 weeks ago. He can point to David in every single picture and sometimes "yells" at David just like the book does. If we tell him to go get "David," he will go find the book and bring it to us. It is the only book he will let us read more than once. Usually, we read it through 5 or 6 times before he is done. We'll shut it at the end, and he will just reopen it for you and yell "deh-DEH!")
-Animal sounds: dog, sheep, horse (suspiciously similar to the sheep), and elephant.
-No, I didn't forget "Mom." He never says mom or mama or mother (ha!). He doesn't call me anything. We are working on this first and foremost. Hopefully I will hear a "Mama" soon!

There may be others, but this is just off the top of my head and I wanted to make sure I have it written somewhere.

I am hoping to post more pictures and videos soon, but I have been working on this post for, well, about 3 weeks now and I just want to post it already!