Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Just a reminder

Not to be lame, and I know that by now, you are sick of hearing my desperate pleas, but voting ends tomorrow on the design competition that I mentioned in my last post. We would LOVE if you would vote for Justin's design if you like it.

Go here to vote. You can count it as your Christmas present to us. (this offer does not apply to immediate family members who should be voting out of the loving kindness of their hearts anyway)

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Not to proud to beg

Justin entered a competition to design an entrance feature for the City of Logan. We'd love it if you'd take a minute to vote for his design! The one with the most votes by September 22nd wins! Look through the designs-- some are great ideas, some... well... if you want a laugh, you just might get that, too.

Once you see which one is Justin's by following the link, you can go to the "vote" tab and submit your vote.

Anyway! Vote for Justin's! You do have to create an account, but you know you wanted to anyway.

Well, I was right about the pencils....

No, "Kellogg's," thank you.


Thursday, September 09, 2010

Coming soon....

What was in the basket!

Guesses anyone?

What are the chances?

I don't know if I ever posted about this, but a few months back, our local Macey's had a drawing for a bunch of prizes. Since I once won a free bottle of Sprite from underneath a Sprite cap, I naturally feel like I always have a chance at winning things and put my name in far too many drawings.

But this last time, luck was with us! Justin won a $25 gas card. Much better than a free bottle of Sprite.

Well today, I was waiting at the bus stop trying to juggle holding Bennett (so HEAVY) and folding the stroller while I watched the bus come barreling toward us. My phone rang, and for who knows what reason, I decided to answer it (making me look like a crazy person, I'm sure- huge babe in arms, giant stroller in other arms, phone in other other arms... wait, how did I even answer it?).

It was Macey's.

Justin entered me into another of their drawings a couple weeks ago and I WON! A gift basket! I asked the employee on the line if she knew what was in the gift basket, and she said she didn't- she had just been asked to make the call. So, if you can, hold your horses til about 5:30 tonight and then you and I will both know what is in my awesome* prize!

*I am trying to tell myself that the gift basket is only a can of kidney beans and some back-to-school pencils or something so that I am not disappointed when I see what's actually in my "awesome" gift basket.

Thursday, September 02, 2010

Why I dislike going to Walmart for groceries

Went for a block of cheese. Found this.

ZERO cheese of ANY kind.

Also, their lines are ridiculous. Get another checker up front, would you?! There are like 15 of us waiting in a line that wraps around the store! Curse you, Walmart!