Monday, April 19, 2010

End of the year awards

On Friday, Justin had an end-of-the-year awards ceremony for his department. Kids weren't invited, so Brandon and Chelsea were nice enough to come watch Bennett. A true night out! What a novelty! It was really nice. The dinner was catered by Elements Grill in Logan, and you already know how much I love their food from the post about our anniversary! It was so yummy.

Right before we left for the banquet, Justin got a call telling him he won a design competition for a subdivision they are putting in in Ogden. He won $500! I was so excited for him. That is now 3 things that he has designed that are actually being built in Utah. The first was the layout and landscape for Eagle Mountain, which he helped design with Northland Design when he worked there a few summers ago. Then he won the Taylorsville Veteran's Memorial competition (which will finish going up in November 2011) and now this "Jacob's Hollow" subdivision in Ogden. Awesome.

Then at the banquet, he was recognized as "Outstanding Student of the Year" for the second-year graduate students (he was "Outstanding Student of the Year" last year for his year, too), and he received the David R. Jensen Scholarship. The scholarship includes a tuition waiver and a cash award, plus a chance for a paid internship in Colorado! We don't know how much tuition the "tuition waiver" waives, and we don't know how much the cash award is. And we are not sure that we will take the internship, since Justin has work here for the summer and it would be a pain to move. So basically, we don't have many details. But there are only 5 scholarships given in the LAEP department, and only two go to graduate students. Out of the three years worth of grad students (about 15-20 students in a year), Justin was selected for one of them. I am so proud of him. He works really hard and it is nice to see his hard work get recognized by the faculty in such a big way. I am really excited for him. The head of the department announced that he won the scholarship and he said all kinds of great stuff about Justin, but one of the biggest things he talked about was that Justin was one of the most purely natural presenters that he has ever seen. Big compliment for Justin, since he works really hard to present his projects well.

Every day I am more and more amazed at how talented Justin is. When we got married, I knew he was good at what he did, but I don't think I knew enough about his work of the field of landscape architecture to realize how GOOD he was. The more I learn about landscape architecture and the more I see him interact with students, faculty and LA firms, I realize he is truly gifted at what he does. He is getting singled out as his year's best student at a school which is ranked number 15 in the nation for his program! And best of all, I see how much he loves what he does, which is really the most important, anyway. How lucky we are to have him in our family.

Now don't mention this post to Justin. He would be embarrassed.


Jessica Madsen said...

Justin, You are so awesome. Congratulations for your outstanding awards! We always knew you were such a telented guy! I am sure it feels nice to be recognized and appreciated. We think you guys have such an awesome family, and how great to have such a supportive, grrateful wife! Big ups to Erin too!!;)

Emma said...

That is SOOOoo Cool! When I got a "tuition waiver" it ended up basically just creating a big fat zero on my account statement. I didn't get a check or anything, but i didn't owe anything either. Congrats to your hunky man!

henderson said...

Congrats Justin--what an awesome recognition!

The Holmgrens said...

That is amazing! Congratulations! Too bad I don't really see you or Justin anymore. Otherwise, I would indeed tell him. Embarrassing people is good.