Saturday, February 27, 2010

So I am a bad blogger

How has it come to be that I hardly ever blog anymore? I have been too busy being crafty (pictures coming, I assure you.) I definitely need to get back in the blogging habit.

Here's a movie I like. It is REALLY long (like 5 minutes), but you can watch like a minute of it at any point to get the idea. Bennett really loves to talk Lately he's been squealing more than talking. This is him with his favorite toy.

More to come soon. Pinky swear.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


My little brother Jared just found out he got accepted to BYU!!


Way to go, Jared. I am proud to have a guy as smart and cool and handsome as you as my brother! Too bad I've been away from BYU for too long to have any cute girls to hook you up with : )

Love you.

Monday, February 15, 2010

I've been waiting for this day

Today, I wanted to wear brown pants. But, I don't have any except maternity ones. I figured I'd throw them on anyway, since they only had elastic in the sides, and a normal waist otherwise. Plus, I've worn maternity pants on a couple of occasions in the past couple months, and they fit ok, so I figured why not. Nobody sees the waistband anyway.

They felt loose going on, which made me happy, but it wasn't until I looked in the mirror that I saw just how loose they really were. I looked like a full blown clown for heaven sakes! They are probably 4 sizes too big. Did those pants ever seriously fit me?

*shudder* Yes. Yes they did.

Looking at this picture brings back so many memories. I was about 35 weeks along (this is at the Antiques Roadshow-- August 15). Just seeing this one picture, I can feel what it's like to live in that body. I can feel those fingers- like little sausages, my ring on my pinky finger (and it wouldn't even fit that finger when I went in to deliver. I had to wear it on a chain around my neck!). I remember the feeling of those hair ties cutting into my swollen wrists. I remember trying to walk around with that giant belly. I look at my face and realize just how much water I was retaining. You can't even see my legs, ankles, and feet, but I remember them. Oh, how I remember them. I had to wear doctor prescribed support stockings on this trip to keep the swelling down. I was huge in every way.

So this morning, when the maternity pants were falling off my body, I was feeling really good. So I pulled down the laundry basket full of the pants I wore before I was pregnant. I've been wearing all my shirts for a while, but the pants... oh man. Who knew hips could get so wide?

I pulled out my pair of brown pants. I bought them only like a month before I got pregnant, and loved them, but, well, then I was pregnant and couldn't wear them anymore.

Crossing my fingers, I pulled them on. Wonder of wonders, miracle of miracles-- THEY FIT! I tried on pair after pair of pants that have been stowed away since about this time last year. They all fit! I am up like 6 pairs of pants!

I feel so good about myself today! I have really been trying to eat healthy and we are in the middle of February and I am still going to the gym at least twice a week (I shoot for 3, but sometimes things get too crazy, and I have to work out at home). That is the longest I have ever stuck with it (I started at the beginning of January. Pathetic that 6 weeks is a good as it gets, but hey, it's the truth!). And better yet, I am starting to want to go to the gym. What?! Who am I?!

Today rocks.

Friday, February 05, 2010

Tummy time isn't so bad anymore...

Today was a first. Bennett laid, willingly, and awake, on my chest with his head under my chin for a full 7 minutes. This is 7 minutes more than he has ever done that before. He has NEVER wanted to snuggle--he always looks around at the room and will do everything he can to keep his head from touching you. It always made me a little sad, but I was getting used to the fact that he just wasn't a snuggly baby.

Now I think I appreciate it even more. I rubbed his back while he laid there, hoping to make him like it so much that he will do it again someday. Here's hoping.