Saturday, January 30, 2010

Word on the street

There have been a few complaints about my lack of blogging. Who knew anyone enjoyed reading this stuff?

On the mastitis front- I am healed! It was a rough couple days though, but the antibiotics helped a LOT. The worst part was that on the day I found out I had mastitis, I spent 2 hours at the doctor for Bennett's 4 month check up, and can you believe it, another 2 hours at the doctor for myself trying to get diagnosed! And then the next morning, I burned myself on our waffle iron and had to ice my finger for about 4 hours before the pain died down. But again, I am healed now from all of those things, and eventually, I trust that my fingerprint will grow back (if not, catch you later, FBI! I'm off the grid!)

Something about the antibiotics I'm on-- I have to take them on an empty stomach-- so at least 2 hours after I've eaten and at least 1 hour before I'm going to eat again. Who plans out their eating that much? Not me, I learned. It has been really hard to not snack during the day. I have to take the antibiotics 4 times a day, too! So I resorted to taking one right before I go to bed, and waking up at 3:30a every night to take one so I only have to work 2 pills into my day (one between breakfast and lunch and one between lunch and dinner).

Anyway, enough about me! BORING! We all know you're really here for this guy:

Yep, he's still cute. Look at those eyes!

He has remained in the 77th percentile for weight and weighed in at 16 lbs. 3 oz. at his four month visit. He's now 25 1/2 inches- about the 75th percentile if I remember correctly.

His four month mark meant he was finally big enough for his bouncer! He is still getting used to it, and mostly just walks himself in circles, sucking on the edge of the bouncer (see picture a, above), and refusing to put his arms on top of the seat part. He just enjoys slouching inside that seat, I guess.

We also tried to feed him cereal for the first time and it was a no go. He didn't hate it, but he didn't really enjoy it either. He just kept looking around like "whatever, Mom and Dad" while we basically put on a whole song and dance routine to get him to look in the direction of the food. So away the rice cereal goes for a few weeks. We'll try again one day...

So here's a video for all who want to see this guy in action. He is really talkative lately, especially to me, and two of his toys: one arch thing that he lays under and a stuffed animal Lorax (anyone read that Dr. Suess book?). Here's a movie of he and I chatting it up one day. You are welcome to ignore all the parts where I talk. I sound ridiculous. But he sounds darling.

(p.s. to all those who heard me say he is in a walker, and have had their pediatricians tell them that walkers are basically evil, I know! No more walkers! I learned this at his 4 month visit, and have the ok from the pediatrician for him to sit in it as long as his legs can't really touch the ground.)

Friday, January 29, 2010


As if I needed another reason to dislike breastfeeding, I have mastitis. Excellent.

We had a sitter lined up so we could go to the temple tonight for the first time since Bennett was born. Now we have to wait another week...I am so mad!

Monday, January 25, 2010

In celebration!

This past Thursday, we decided to celebrate our anniversary early. Justin doesn't have classes on Friday and it's always cheaper to stay somewhere over a weekday than on a weekend, it seems.

I have a friend who works for the Springhill Suites here in Logan. She Thanks so much Jamie. Because of her, we got to have a delicious dinner at Elements, which wouldn't have been in our budget otherwise, and we got to stay in a super nice room, which also wouldn't have been in our budget otherwise. Basically we owe her big time. For anyone who hasn't been to Elements yet, save your money and GO. the average entree price is between $16-25, but they have things under $10, too, like a bunch of woodfired pizzas and the most heavenly thing I have ever ingested: a filet mignon quesadilla. I know, it sounds lame. But it was DELICIOUS, I tell you, DELICIOUS! I am still fantasizing about it and trying to figure out how I can save enough money to get back there and eat it again. It was only $9 too (it's technically an appetizer, but it was plenty big for an entree for me)! Anyway, definitely go for a special occasion. The food was fantastic, the atmosphere was awesome (it is brand new and I like how it's decorated), and the service was great, too. It is attached to the Springhill Suites at about 600 S. Main in Logan. (Elements, if you are out there reading my blog, can I have a free quesadilla for plugging your restaurant? I even linked to your website!)

Anyway, we had a great time getting away. The room we were in was a suite, so it had a separate living room area with a fireplace and a huge wall mounted TV. That worked really well because it was separated by a wall from where the bed was, so Bennett could sleep in by the fireplace, and we could stay up later enjoying all the beauty of dish TV which we miss so much, haha. And yes we brought Bennett. Even though he sleeps through the night, he needs to eat at like 8pm and 7:30a, which makes it hard to leave him anywhere overnight. But it was so fun just playing with him, we were loving it.

We went swimming after dinner (a big thanks to Heidi, who bailed me out with a swim diaper! I didn't realize until the the day before this little trip that swim diapers are seasonal, and they don't sell them in the winter for people going to hotels... BOO!), and it was so fun. Bennett was a little cold unless you were holding him right next to you, so we didn't stay for very long. It was his first time swimming, and when he was in the pool, he did pretty much the exact same thing he does in his baths-- stay almost completely motionless and bite his fingers. Haha. One day you will splash and play, buddy. One day....

It was so fun to get away and celebrate our marriage. It was also fun to not make the bed or have to do the laundry from all the towels from swimming, showering, etc. Also fun to not have to put things away when you get them out.... I guess that mostly just goes for the towels, too, but HEY! It was awesome.

On an unrelated note, yesterday, we put Bennett in a sweet baby blue, three-piece suit that was Justin's when he was little. It was disco-licious! Haha. So here's a couple pictures of that, too.

Bah! I can't get enough of that bow tie!

3 years ago today...

Because blogging wasn't quite as cool when we got married, I figured I'd take this opportunity to post way too many pictures from our wedding day. I still can't believe this was 3 years ago.

What a good choice that was.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

It was time for a change!

Out with the old and in with the new!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

A preview of more darling pictures to come!

This morning, he was just being so cute, so we got out the camera. I am so glad we did! We got some real keepers.

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Cloud 9

That is where this video sends me every time. Last night was the first time he's ever done this!