Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Water Retention

Remember when I blogged about my unrecognizable elephant trunk feet?

WOW. That's the only picture I ever took. It's not from my worst day of swelling, but it's from a day when I was so tired of having only one pair of shoes to wear that I thought to myself, "I better document this for posterity. And the blogging world. And so I can be extra grateful later when and if my feet actually return to normal."

Please note the toes that all touch each other. The giant ankle (or rather, the spot where an ankle should have been). The uniform size from my knee down to my foot. The fact that those sandals are absolutely squeezed on as far as I could get them and my toes still didn't reach the front of the shoe.

Now take a look at this:

I am no professional photographer, nor did I intend to get a really great shot with my cell phone, but I just wanted to show you, for comparison's sake, the same pair of sandals on my feet today. They don't even look like the same pair of shoes. The straps don't touch my feet. They slide off my feet as I walk in them. Everyone who commented on how swollen I was whilst pregnant can now know that I wasn't lying when I said that I really did once have long, skinny toes.

All of my old shoes have started fitting again. It is like heaven. No, it is like I just went on a giant shopping spree. I can kneel again! I can squat again! I can lift my toes of the ground (couldn't do that while I was swollen) and bend at the ankle! All of these are completely novel feelings for me. If you can do these things now, take a moment to truly enjoy them. Seriously. I will wait for you before sharing the rest of the good news.

Last night, for grins after one of the middle-of-the-night feedings, I thought I would step on my bathroom scale. I did this once after arriving home from the hospital, and the results were less than I expected, so I hadn't done it again since. But now, my swelling had lessened dramatically and I wondered how much of a factor that swelling had been in my weight gain.

Friends, I am happy to announce that I have lost a little more than 25 pounds since arriving home from the hospital a little less than 2 weeks ago. Yes, 25 pounds! AFTER being home from the hospital. That doesn't include the actual baby or other bodily fluids I lost during delivery and the couple days after. I attribute zero pounds of this weight loss to diet and exercise as I have mostly been forced to sit around and let my body heal (yay for stitches!). And I know I haven't lost all the water yet, either, because I still can't quite get my wedding ring on my ring finger. This feels FANTASTIC. It also lets you know truly how badly swollen I was. 25 pounds of extra fluid just hanging about in my legs and feet!!! Can you believe it!? Wow! I know I'm overdoing it on the punctuation, but I just feel so good. I'll quit raving now, but seriously, how great is that?!


Emma said...

That is so great! Congrats!

Jessica Madsen said...

I just keep saying 25 lbs! over and over again!! Holy Cow Erin, that has GOT to feel SO great! Isn't not being pregnant anymore the best feeling in the world?! You better be careful though, you might wither away at the rate you are going!!!:)

The Holmgrens said...

I am sure that just feels so so great and that's not even the best word for it! So glad for you... and it will just keep getting better!!

Rachel and Todd said...

Very sexy leg. 25 lbs--wow, that's A LOT!! Way to go. I think people don't realize how painful water retention is on top of being uncomfortable and sore on the eyes. It's painful! But wow, you endured and you look great now!!