Tuesday, October 06, 2009

General Conference

I missed... umm.... the entire thing this year. Good thing it will be in the Ensign.

However, the trip I took to the lactation specialist yesterday was described by Justin as "General Conference for breastfeeding." I laughed and laughed when he said that. But it was a wildly successful appointment. We still have a long road ahead of us, and it still takes about 4 hands to feed the little guy, but he's actually eating now and I'm not in constant pain. I consider that a monumental step and know that we were truly blessed. It is not often that I wax spiritual on my blog, so you should be able to tolerate it this once, but there really is nothing like just feeling so defeated and praying and praying for help and then having your whole outlook for the future changed in an hour and a half meeting with someone who actually knows what on earth is going on. I know we are watched over by our Heavenly Father and that if we have a little faith, we can be witness to little miracles. I got one yesterday.


Liz said...

The lactation specialist is indeed a miracle worker. And if she didn't tell you about it, get a prescription for Newman's Ointment-- it's what got me through the first few weeks of nursing with Lilli, and it's saving the day again this time around. Isn't it amazing that nursing can hurt as much or more than labor and delivery? Amazing, too, that no one ever talks much about that... Good luck! You can do it!

JoeyJoeJoe said...

Liz and I went through that whole stage too. Who would think that breast feeding would be so hard. Good luck to you it will pass and soon you will think: why was this so hard?

The Haws Family said...