Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Surf Training Tools

Remember that site I've mentioned before: In my daily browsing, I came across this, and it was just too good to not repost for all of your enjoyment.

Not sure what these are
Not sure what these are, they are too heavy to float, but they look like surf boards. They have legs under them like a very tall table. I think they are some sort of surf training tool. If you would like one or both of them, please let me know if you would like them.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Ok, Ok!

I know you were all wondering why I didn't post the details of my Kohl's rampage with that $10 off coupon last Wednesday. (Side note: for all who are wondering, that coupon just comes in our mail. We have no idea why. We do not hold a Kohl's card and I probably shop there once or twice a year. I guess we are just lucky!)

Well, the reason it took me so long is because, well, how excited can you be when you save $76.50 the first time, and only $74 the second time? Oh, wo is me!

: )

We got an $80 set of curtains for $6. It was pretty awesome.

Also, in other news, we have less than a week until we can start moving into the new place!!! This makes me feel like this:

Except, I feel modestly dressed.

Also, congratulations to Stephen and Ashton Jenkins on the arrival of their sweet little boy, Samuel Martin Jenkins! Their blog is to the left for anyone who wants to see a cute baby.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

You should try to learn from your mistakes

Oh Kohl's. Weren't you hit hard enough the last time you sent out a coupon for $10 off our purchase of $10 or more? I mean, I saved $76.50 while spending only $0.51. That really didn't hurt you?

Well, ok, if you say so. Thanks for the second coupon! We will be visiting you tonight. Be prepared.

Monday, July 20, 2009


So Justin and I went out on Saturday night to one of our favorite restaurants in town: Angie's.

We go there probably twice a month on average and see a lot of the same employees. However, we've never really made a connection with any of them.

Or so we thought.

When we got seated on Saturday, friendly Cherie (thank heaven for name tags) came over to fill out waters and said "It's about time you guys got in here again!" We both looked at each other with wide eyes and kind of laughed along with Cherie. She went on to have me "remind her" when I was due and what gender our baby was and told us to be sure to let her know when the baby comes, and she'll stop by!

Justin and I couldn't help but just stare at each other when she left. Here are our two thoughts, and you can let me know which you think is more likely.

Possibility 1: Angie's doesn't have that many people who are "regulars" so showing up twice a month is enough to be recognizable. When considering this option, keep in mind that Angie's motto is "Where the Locals Eat!" and the place is almost always hopping with customers.

Possibility 2: Cherie had us confused with some other couple expecting a child, say from her ward or something, who she actually knows.

I am still torn. I know I have seen Cherie almost every time we've been there, but I didn't think that our associations thus far would have qualified in any way as being memorable. But part of me thinks it would be kind of fun to be a regular. So I guess the only way to know for sure is to make sure I don't forget Cherie's name (again, thank heavens she has a name tag), and see how she reacts the next time we're there.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Congratulations, Dad!

I just got word that my Dad officially has 25 patents published in his name!! He gets his picture put up on a board at GE. Congratulations, Dad! Make sure you take a picture of the board once it's got your picture on it! We think you are a pretty awesome inventor!

Want to read about the things he's invented? Good luck. But you can try here.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Oh the surprises

Those of you who have been pregnant may already understand this.

Those of you who have not yet had the pleasure, then consider yourself warned for when/if that day comes.

I was completely unprepared for, and am still in complete shock about how LARGE your feet and ankles can become due to water retention.

I literally had no idea that it was even humanly possible for a person of regular weight and bone structure to have ankles like the ones I now possess. I mean seriously.

It feels like my skin is about 10 sizes too small for the foot that I'm trying to fit in it. And let's be honest, it looks about that great, too.

So future mothers, beware of the cankles. Embrace them if you've got them (because they aren't going away, it turns out), and count your blessings if you don't. If you end up blessed with them, just spend as much time as possible with your feet well above your head (difficult with large belly) and in cold water (difficult with feet above head).

Thursday, July 09, 2009

28 weeks!

Not much bigger belly-wise than the last picture- I experienced a great leveling off between like 23 and 28 weeks (thankfully!). The feet and face on the other hand... well, let's just say swelling is one of the many joys of pregnancy. As of this last Monday, the latest news from the doctor is that everything is going so smoothly that we don't have to come in every two weeks yet, like we normally would at 7 months, so we won't be in again til the end of July. Little babe seems to be doing great on all accounts. And the doc says that October 5th will be the day I get induced if labor doesn't start naturally. So we have at least a for sure end date! Only 77 days left til the due date! Time's flying!

Monday, July 06, 2009

I am pretty proud of my body

Today I had to get some bloodwork done. I had my glucose tolerance test, which, for those of you who don't know, means that this morning at exactly 7:45am, I had to begin drinking a 10 oz. drink that had the color and taste of flat orange soda (or maybe a melted orange popsicle?), finish drinking said drink no later than 7:50am, go to the hospital by 8:35am, have them take a blood sample exactly one hour from when I finished drinking the drink (which was 7:48am), and then wait to see if the test results say my body can process glucose well enough.

As if that wasn't fun enough, many of you know how well my body likes to give up blood for tests (NOT WELL). I suppose my body figures it works hard to make that blood and isn't going to just give it to whoever sticks a needle in me first. At least I don't have to worry much about bleeding to death.

Anyway, in preparation for today's draw, I spent the last week drinking about as much water as my body could handle. Last night I made myself a little sick drinking so much water. But this morning, I had the quickest, easiest blood draw I have EVER experienced- 3 little vials in probably 30-40 seconds. It was INCREDIBLE. I was ecstatic. And let me tell you, it is worth having to pee every 10 minutes if it means you don't have to get stuck 3 times for your bloodwork.

Additionally, I learned that my blood pressure raises and falls very quickly with minimal activity changes. My systolic blood pressure dropped 22 points (numbers? blood presure units? Melissa Maughan, you should know.) within about a 5 minute period of time (walked down hall, took first reading, sat for 7 minutes, took second reading). Diastolic pressure dropped 10 points. Maybe this is normal, and I just have no idea. And yes, you can all be impressed that I know the terms systolic and diastolic AND that I even know that the systolic one is the number on the TOP. That is the kind of information my brain retains. Not the kind of information that tells me where I put my keys. NO, it can't retain that information CAN IT?!

But I can't get mad at my body, because I am still so proud that I was able to fill 3 vials in 30 seconds with only one poke. Seriously, it was amazing.

Thursday, July 02, 2009

There is nothing like saving a TON of money.

Notice the amount we paid next to Total. Notice the Total saved. Brilliant. And that $10 reward that you can see right at the top of the receipt was a coupon we got in the mail for $10 off a purchase of $10 or more. It was awesome.