Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Happy Father's Day

I feel like all I have to blog about lately are journal-ish type things. This probably makes for a very boring read, but, even though I know that, I don't spare you any reading anyway. I know, I'm so mean.

So Sunday was Father's Day. I kind of ran out of time to get Justin's present on Friday or Saturday as we were busy getting down to West Jordan and taking care of wedding stuff (Kalen and Jenell get married this Thursday!), so I sort of failed. But I made up for it yesterday and brought home a gleaming little barbeque. Justin was impressed that I didn't fail to get the charcoal chimney, the briquettes or the lighter fluid either. We grilled burgers last night, and I've got to say, it was a good purchase. Justin felt so bad letting all the good coals go to waste that he even put about 7 or 8 mini marshmallows on a kabob stick and "roasted" them. As much as you can roast a mini-marshmallow. Too bad we didn't have graham crackers... or chocolate.

In other news, here's a thought I had this morning after hearing that Jon & Kate (you know the ones) are splitting up. I work at a law firm, so I know that their custody arrangement is going to be RIDICULOUS. I am so sorry for the poor legal secretary out there in Pennsylvania who is going to have to write that up. Good luck, my friend. I feel your pain.

We bought a gliding rocking chair and ottoman last night for the baby's room. Unfortunately, for the next month, there is no baby's room, and all these baby things we keep buying just end up stacking up in our spare room. I am torn about moving, because I am really excited to have a bigger place, but so sad to see the Madsens go! By the way, they are selling their bedroom set, if anyone is interested -- you can find it here.

Ok, one more random thing. I have discovered a new website. I find the majority of it quite hilarious. It is called, You Suck at Craigslist. It is mostly very clean, though you do have to exercise some judgment, just as you would if you were actually on Craigslist. She always posts the titles of the ads she makes fun of (so that you can consider yourself warned), and, for the most part, gives warnings if the posts are NSFW (Not Safe for Women) or children. Mostly, she makes fun of spelling, punctuation, and just general stupidity, and she usually follows ads up with a little fun commentary. Enjoy.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

What is this wet stuff coming from the sky??

First I just want to start off by saying that I live in Utah, and I am pretty sure we are a climate classified as a “desert.” This does not usually mean that it will rain every day for 2 ½ weeks straight. In fact this means that by about May, you are usually so far into the drought that all you can do is hope your house doesn’t burn down this summer and wait for it to start snowing again (which mother nature usually senses, so she takes it upon herself to start the snow early, like in October, and then keep it up for approximately 9 months).

However, this year, we had gotten 110% of our average rainfall for the month of June by June 9th. It is now the 17th, and this morning, we woke up to rain again. We have had 3, maybe 4 days without rain (not without clouds, mind you) this entire month. We are not used to this.

“What is happening?!” you might wonder. Well I don’t. There are a lot of pregnant ladies here, including myself, staring down the long dark tunnel of a hot, miserable Utah summer carrying about 20 extra pounds this year. And a lot of these women pray. And some of their husbands probably pray even harder.

Anyway, I mainly wanted to write this post to show off that we picked up some sweet stuff in the last week. A stroller/car seat travel system, a changing table/dresser, a bouncer, a pack n’ play, a new suit for Justin and a cherry buffet. All for under $250 total. Also, we found someone who will probably buy our ’89 maxima come fall. We are feeling pretty lucky these days. Here are some pictures!

Friday, June 12, 2009

I almost forgot

There's a poll to the side on this one.

How long will it take for this tile to cave in on my desk at work?

Look closely to see the water saturation, and look really closely to see the bowing in the tile from the weight of the puddle on top of it (it's pretty hard to see that, but trust me, it's there.). Also take into account that this has been leaking since Monday and they have yet to fix it, and that it drips pretty much the entire day (hence the garbage cans you can see to the bottom right corner of the picture). Vote away.

Hamilton's, a buffet, Roadshow, and joblessness!

I know, I know! I used to be quite the big blogger and then these last few weeks happened! I feel like I almost don’t know myself anymore. But I’m going to try and make up for it now. We haven’t been up to much, but I will cover a few highlights.

First, Justin ended last week going fishing with Brandon and Merrill (brother and dad) for Merrill’s birthday. They went on Friday, and Justin and I have a standing date on Friday nights. So he said that if I would let him take his dad fishing for his birthday (how could I not? what am I? Evil?! It's his birthday!), that he would ask me out for a special date some other time. Well, on Tuesday night, I came home and Justin was dressed up with flowers and he asked me to go to dinner with him on Thursday (just like the olden days!). It was very sweet, and we went to Hamilton’s last night, which was very tasty. We both got steaks (oooooh, fancy!) and Justin got a potato chowder along with his and I got a caesar salad along with mine. Completely delicious and a fun date.

Justin has been working as a Research Assistant up til now this summer. The proposal they are working on is due today which means that Justin is out of a job! We are looking, and have been looking, for job possibilities for him to do the rest of the summer, but things are pretty scarce (no surprise there). So if you hear of anything super awesome in Logan for July and August, you just let us know!

In more exciting news, we got tickets to the Antiques Roadshow this summer! This happened a little while ago actually, but I don’t think I’ve blogged about it yet. They are tickets to the one in San Jose (right by Uncle Ray and Aunt Robin!), but it is on August 15th, and we are not sure if my pregnant body will be able to handle the 12 hour drive there. We are still deciding what to do for sure, but really, really hoping to make it. We could each bring two items to get appraised for free, so we’re bringing our Civil War Era newspapers and a communist-era rug of Lenin that Justin picked up in Russia. We could also bring two other things, but we don’t have any other old stuff! Anyway, we are pretty excited.

Justin got us a great new piece of furniture earlier this week. He happened to find what looked like a beautiful cherry buffet on Craigslist. We went and looked at it and really liked it. So, we got rid of an older bookshelf and cleared out a huge dresser we’ve had and made room for it. I don’t have a picture of it right now (though I have one at home that I will put on here as soon as possible), but it is quite lovely. It has to hang out in our already crowded living room right now until we move into our bigger place, but it is pretty awesome. Justin even got the guy to knock off 1/3 of what he was asking for it, so it ended up being really inexpensive. I know it’s hard for you to get excited about with no picture, so I’ll stop talking about it until I can get one up! Then I will rave about it more! Get excited!

In our gardening lives, we've got some pretty spritely tomato plants growing right now and we just started our zucchini and cucumber in our Aerogarden. A little late, we know, but they'll sprout really fast inside and then we'll move them out. We've also got pretty much a full head of lettuce growing in the Aerogarden, and let me tell you, it is really quite awesome to just be able to grab fresh lettuce whenever you want it! I would highly recommend an Aerogarden if you have an interest in gardening at all. It is nice to have some things inside (like the lettuce), but it is also a GREAT way to start all your other plants. We had foot-tall tomato plants inside in just a week or so! And the great thing is, you don't need to water (since they just grow in water). It's been a really cool gadget.

Anyway, that’s the latest and the greatest from our family. The baby’s alive and well and I haven’t gotten much bigger since the last picture, so we’ll spare you another one. Cross your fingers we find Justin a new job soon!

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

For those of you wondering...

Yes, we are still alive. And yes, I am still pregnant.

I know I haven't posted (or really taken) a lot of pregnant belly pictures, but I want to try and take more, because I know I'll wish I had them later. The above was from a few days ago-- about 23 weeks along. Our little babe is having what would seem to be a rollicking good time in there-- who knew womb life could be so awesome?! I will be 6 months pregnant as of Saturday. The time is flying by! I can't believe that a measly 2 1/2 weeks from now I will be in my third trimester. Where does the time go? I like to think that I am experiencing what my parents always told me about-- that time goes faster and faster the older you get. The scary thing is, I still have a lot older to get (I hope!) and it's already flying!!