Monday, May 18, 2009

Fab weekend.

Justin and I had an awesome weekend. Well, first, I will tell you something that happened on Friday that was not so awesome. In Logan, there is a little place called Angie's. Justin and I really enjoy eating at Angie's-- it is kind of a mom and pop diner where you can basically have anything you want. They have everything from breakfast to fajitas to wraps to salads to steak and everything else in between. It is very tasty and we have gone a LOT of times since moving here. On Friday, we went again and found out that with a USU Id card, you can get 20% off your meal! WHAT?!?!?! How did we not know this?! I felt like a dumby. Good thing we have gone with a buy one, get one half off coupon every time, or I would have felt really dumb.

Anyway, then it was on to Saturday. Justin and I decided we were going to spend the morning garage sale hopping. It was awesome. We found quite a few, and some of them weren't half bad. We ended up with a vaporizer, a diaper wipes warmer, a bottle warmer that plugs into the cigarette lighter in your car, along with quite a few little boys outfits all for roughly $10. Garage sales are the best.

On our way home, we dropped some of our extra stuff off at DI (spring cleaning) and were driving home when we happened to hear on the radio that Lee's was having a picnic themed party. Well, we for sure were going to hit that up. IT. WAS. AWESOME. There were so many samples that Justin and I were literally full from eating samples. You name it- ribs, steak, grilled pineapple, drinks, sodas, chips, pasta salads, cereal, nut mixes, fajitas, smoothies, ice cream... the list goes on and on. In addition, there were free sno kones, cotton candy, popcorn, scones a balloon animal guy, and you could play games and win frisbees, laffy taffys, apples, stickers, tattoos, and loads of other sweet prizes. They also had a spot where you could shoot a basketball and try to make it in the hoop (which was really high, and harder than it sounds), and if you did it, you won a free 16 or 20 oz. drink or a small Ben & Jerry's ice cream! (Justin did it, but I couldn't hack it. Though I did manage to overthrow the hoop a couple times and almost knock out some other unsuspecting picnic goers.) And, there was a coldstone in the plaza where the Lee's was and they kept bringing around samples of their smoothies. That lady hit us up three or four times. They also had bratwurst and hotdogs that you could buy, so Justin and I each had a brat (and chips and a soda) for a total of $5 combined. It was incredible.

The rest of the day, we took a walk in the afternoon, went to a soccer game Justin was reffing, grilled burgers, and sat around at a park until the bugs came out. It was a beautiful day full of free stuff and really beautiful weather.

Now, on a completely unrelated topic, I just wanted to mention that today is the 3 year anniversary of Justin and my first official date. We went to a Trombone concert and Borders and broke the Word of Wisdom (there was coffee in my shake. Don't freak out, we took it back and got a new one). It was awesome, and the last 3 years have been pretty awesome too. Here's a picture of us in our early dating days (I actually think these were like a week before we started dating)...

haha, great picture of Justin there...

Ah sweet, young love.


Michelle or Glen Brooksby said...

Three years! Where does the time go? And yet it feels like Justin's always been in the family. We are truly blessed.

Emma said...

Sounds so fun, I sat around Wyoming and did nothing but try to get over my cold.

Melissa said...

you know, in those pictures of you two "a week before we started dating", you sure are close and snuggly! Don't lie. You know you were dating then you were just keeping it on the DL.

but one way or another, this last picture is remarkably cute. for reals.