Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Remember when I did this?

I am considering doing that again....

- I am going to be gargantuan this summer and a short do might help me pretend I'm not as hot as I really am.
- I hate doing the same thing with my hair all the time and I need to get it cut. I am ready to mix it up a little and this would definitely qualify.
- Takes way less time to do hair, so I might not wear it in a pontail as frequently (also, what is the point of having long hair if it mostly ends up pulled back anyway because you don't want to take the time to do it?).

- I just finished growing my bangs out. Bangs take a lot of maintenance and I like them when they're first cut but then I get headaches when they start to grow out and get too long and I have to shake them out of my eyes all the time.
- It took a long time to grow my hair out and I really fear that once I have have kids, I will join the ranks of most other moms who hack all their hair off, never to have long hair again. Part of me feels like I should enjoy it while it lasts.
- Short hair is harder to throw up in a cute ponytail when you are really dying of heat during the summer.
- Pretty sure the hubby likes the long hair even though he says he likes whatever I do.
- I like long hair when I take the time to do it nicely.

Oh, the hair battles. What to do, what to do?


Joe, Liz, and Cooper said...

i saw cut it. there are few things more liberating than getting a haircut. change is a wonderful thing! btw, am i included in that "moms who hack all their hair off, never to have long hair again"? hahaha

Brady and Gretchen said...

Lucy has started to learn how to grab my hair and she has one killer grip! It is a little annoying but I refuse! to be one of those moms that join the short hair ranks! It is definitly a neverending pro/con battle!

The Madsen Family said...

Truth is Erin, I am envious of your long locks. But I definitly understand the need for change. If I were you this is what I would do...(Only because I HATE regreting cutting my hair all off AFTER it's gone.) I would put some fun highlights in it for summer get a really nice "shape up job" i.e. "trim"-possibly throw in some layers. If you still want to cut it after getting a refresh, than do it!! And...YOu will look good no matter what you do!

Emma said...

Cut it. Cut it all off. Your little one will pull and pull on your hair, everytime you lean down to pick them up, your hair will be in your face, you'll constantly be pulling it back or putting it up. Short hair is GREAT for the summer, (short hair also tends to make people look thinner) and it's so cute and fun for a change. I say definately go short. Plus, Emily does a great job, so you can explain the dilemma to her and she can give you a do that is cute and short and fun, but you can still pull it back quickly if you need.

rachel b. said...

TOTALLY WAS PLANNING MY OWN HAIRCUT BLOG POST BEFORE I SAW THIS. Anyway, I say cut it, I like it better short :-) We could even do it on the same day in different states and call each other and talk each other through the fear.