Monday, April 13, 2009

Picture Post

Ok, so here are the promised Easter pictures. I figured it was easier to just make a new post than to try and go back and insert them in the other one. They're not in order, but I've done that to you before, and you seem to have forgiven me, so I think I'll test my limits.

Justin and I on Monday night (April 13th) after our Easter basket stuffing and egg hunting.

The Easter Bunny brought Justin a little surprise in his basket (they're sponges for his Aerogarden). Notice the Easter Bunny's five-toed signature. I bet you didn't know he had five toes. I didn't either, until apparently the "Easter Bunny" got a little carried away drawing his signature.

Justin with our Easter basket brimming with goodies (yes, there is a bag of Cheetos in there. Thank you pregnancy, for reminding me how much I love Cheetos).

After discovering that we did not, in fact, have any Easter baskets, Justin took it upon himself to remedy that situation. "Never fear, my love. You shall have your Easter basket, if it's the last thing I do!" he yelled, as he feverishly cut this awesome one out of a Maceys paper grocery bag. He is pretty handy with a pair of scissors if I do say so myself!

Me and my pregnant belly looking for Easter eggs. I swear I don't just wear random white t-shirts all the time (even though that's both of the pregnancy pictures that have graced this blog now...). I actually had a cute cardigan on earlier, but we went on a walk and I got hot (which means I owe a big thank you to merciful springtime for finally deciding to show up!)

One of my top 3 Easter eggs. The only one I made that made the cut. Though I managed to take a picture of the bad crayon job.

Justin's artwork (I can't even hardly call it an Easter egg).

Justin's other egg treasure. Is he good with a crayon or what?!

All our little eggies.


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JoeyJoeJoe said...

You guys are awesome and artistic. Plus Justin, your hair is awesome.