Monday, April 27, 2009

Fun weekend

This past weekend was pretty wild if I do say so myself. We had a blast, and here are the highlights.

- I got to take a half day on Friday and meet up with Sharon and Melissa and Craig Maughan in Ogden on Friday. We watched Melissa and Craig go indoor skydiving, which was awesome (just to watch even!) and then we bowled a couple games and went mini-golfing. Thank heavens all the stuff was inside because it was COLD and rainy.

- I started being able to feel our baby kicking on Friday! It was awesome and I tried to see if Justin could feel it, but he can't yet. Just a little more time, though. It's less than 2 weeks now til we find out if we're having a boy or girl!

- On Saturday, I got to sleep in and Justin reffed a bunch of soccer games. It SNOWED again (what the heck!?) and that was terrible. In between the games, we went SHOPPING! I think I have been shopping more times since being pregnant than I have in the rest of our 2 years of marriage combined! Outgrowing all your clothes is awesome.... But I got 2 new dresses and a swimsuit so I'm all set for my water aerobics class this summer : )

- Saturday evening, Justin's family came in to town to have some birthday festivities (Justin's birthday is this next week). We went out to dinner and then we all went swimming at the hotel where the Wilson's stayed. It was awesome to go swimming- we had a lot of fun, and were so tired after. It was great to not feel big for a little while (though I literally felt like 5 times heavier when I got out!). We finished the night off with some ice cream and then went home and crashed big time.

- Sunday morning was Church and Justin got called as the second counselor in the Bishopric. Seriously, am I old enough to have my husband in the Bishopric? Anyway, we are excited, and don't know what will happen with the calling really since we are moving in August (out of the ward). Our entire ward got rearranged on Sunday-- both Elder's Quorums, the Relief Society, the Primary, the Bishopric, everything. It was so weird. I don't know who is in charge of anything anymore.

- After Church, we all (Justin & I, Merrill, LouJean, Andrea, Kalen & Jenell, and Brandon) had a tasty lunch and some ice cream cake (yum, coldstone!) and spent some time making fun of the list of items Bed, Bath & Beyond thinks you MUST have as a newlywed. It was a good time.

- After the Wilsons all left, Justin and I got to talk with my Mom and Lauren for a little (sorry we missed you, Dad and Jared!) and then we went to visit the Madsens briefly, before Justin went home teaching.

- After home teaching, we didn't do much except try to make up our own little sentences like that game "Mad Gab." You know, the things where you read "Hand hey car awful and" and try to figure out what it sounds like. Justin came up with about 3 times as many sentences as I did (it's hard!) and told me I am no fun to play games with because I always win : )

Anyway, I guess that was a long list of "highlights," but you get the picture. This week, Justin will finish all of the last of his little school projects and we will be done for the summah! Yahoo!

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