Tuesday, March 03, 2009

There are some things that can make a week

Like Bumpits. The fabulous tool for getting the ginormous teased hair look that all the other Utah girls have that you have always wanted!! HOORAY! This day couldn't have come soon enough!

You'll need to watch the movie here. Yes, that link is to "bighappiehair.com" Happie.

All I can say is that:
1) I definitely can't wait to "bump my bangs"
2) I even more can't wait to "rock a pony"
3) I need the Asian girl who is "rocking a bob" to teach me how to do that stellar dance move ASAP.

Well, I certainly hope that me and my big hair will be seeing you and your big hair soon!! Until then-- BUMP IT UP!!!!


Michelle or Glen Brooksby said...

Where oh where did you ever find this? Only in Utah! So I guess I'll be seeing your "big hair" next Monday?

Melissa said...

I definitely saw that commercial on TV!! When I saw it, I literally had to run to the bathroom right after because I was concerned for the safety of my pants.

Gotta love utah.

rachel b. said...

HA! I'm definitely ordering one of those because of all the things I miss about Utah, the bump is high on the list.

Laura said...

Why on earth would you ever want to look like a cone head?! I'm all for big hair when it comes to certain hair styles. Afterall, "hair can't lie there like a dead thing on your cheek" but 'bumping it up' takes it to a whole new level of extreme.

henderson said...

Oh my goodness! Please tell me that company is based out of Utah!! You need to move back to New York, far far away from the "happies". :)