Wednesday, January 07, 2009


So lately, I have been noticing that while it is one of my favorite places to go, a lot of people hate/diss on the DI. Why is this?! Who could hate a store that, among other things:
1. Has friendly customer service
2. Is an everything-you-could-ever-want-all-in-the-same-place store
3. Has pants for as low as $5 and shirts for as low as $2
4. Has many pieces of clothing with the tags still on for the aforementioned prices
5. Has sometimes negotiable prices
6. Has awesome antiques and old books
7. Is, I'm pretty sure, the cheapest place on earth to by picture frames (just buy a bottle of black spray paint and you're good to go!)
8. All kinds of craft paper and thread and ribbon and buttons for $0.50 or less
9. Beautiful old glass vases where the glass is uneven and has a bubble here and there (for a buck or less!)
10. The list goes on and on...
Now, I'm no fool. I know there is a lot of junk at the DI. Things I would never buy. But you know what, I have quite a lot of clothes from there (roughly 3 or 4 shirts, 2 or 3 pairs of pants, a cardigan, a coat, and several pairs of shoes), most of which look brand new. And you know what else? I regularly get compliments on almost everything I have from there, and from people who profess to hate the DI. We have a lot of home decor that we've gotten there, too, some which we've spruced up and some that we haven't had to. We save tons of money and get everything we want for ridiculously low prices. We don't have to save up for a few months to go get that new pair of pants or frame for my next project. Who could not like that?! I just cannot wrap my head around it. So if you are a DI hater, please help me understand! And if you are a DI lover like Justin and I, then we will see you there on Friday night.


JoeyJoeJoe said...

DI rules. I am with you and Justin (of course). We sure miss you guys we are lonely down here in this part of the world. Oh so lonely

Teresa said...

I am inspired. I've very recently started thinking along those same lines and between my post-Christmas budget and your post, I may just have to walk the 1/2 block between my apartment and the Provo superstore. Thanks!

The Psycho Girlfriend said...

I'm a DI/ Goodwill hater---

--- something about not knowing where that stuff has been weirds me out. Also, I have to spend way to much time (time is money after all) sifting through total crap to find one good thing... :-/

I remain a brand snob...

Brady and Gretchen said...

AMEN for the DI