Friday, December 05, 2008

Fun conversations at work

So I have a favorite friend at work. Today, I walked by the favorite friend and had the following "conversation" (though I didn't really say anything):

Friend: "I didn't even do.... wait, I just don't like double negatives. I hate using double negatives."
Me: (thinking to myself) "Where was the double negative in that?"
Friend: (continuing) "Let me start again. I didn't even... wait! I did it again! One more time-- [concentrating] I did not even...(continued on)"
Me: (thinking to myself) Huh?

Apparently friends, and I didn't know this, but "didn't" is a "double negative." I was under the impression that it was a contraction, which would stop being a contraction if you changed it to "did not," but I am obviously sorely mistaken. It is a double negative. I will consider myself advised for future usage.

Also, just so you know, this post is number 99! Wahoo!! Number 100 will be a doosy!


m&malder said...

so the "southernism" I done done it, would be a double positive right? are they ok?

Erin said...

The funny thing is- my friend is FROM THE SOUTH!!! "might could?" "can't abide that?" oh yeah. She says 'em all.