Friday, December 12, 2008


The mother of all blog posts! Hang on to your hats!

No, you did not somehow miss this giant post in the past two weeks. I started typing this sucker on the 12th, so apparently, even though I finished it today, the 21st, it shows that I posted it on the 12th.

I have delayed writing my 100th post because I kind of wanted to unveil something, but it turns out I probably can't do it for a little while longer (no I'm not pregnant!). But in the meantime, a lot of funny things have happened that I have refused to blog about. Well now, I am liberated from my self-imposed blogging ban and all that saved up stuff is probably going to be soon forgotten, but let me assure you, it was all AWESOME and you totally missed out. Here is just one thing that I will share though.

First, for those of you who are members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, my friend Melissa was kind enough to point out that I wrote an article in the December Ensign. For those of you interested in reading, it can be found here at the bottom of the page. (also, I did not actually write that article. The author just happens to share my name).

Also, we did a crazy thing over Thanksgiving. Kalen (Justin's brother) served his mission in San Fransisco and found out a couple days before Thanksgiving that a family he taught and baptized were going to be sealed in the Temple on the Saturday following. Well, LouJean (Justin's mother) was going to go with him, but Merrill (Justin's dad) wanted to go too. However, Justin and I were there for the holiday and they didn't want to leave Andrea at home alone. Or with us, which is probably comparable to being left home alone. Well, to remedy the situation, Justin and I decided on Thanksgiving morning that we were going to leave the next morning for a trip to San Fransisco with all the Wilsons! Yeah! We are a crazy lot! So we drove the 11 hours on Friday, slept after arriving near San Fransisco at about 11pm, woke up and played Saturday (while the rest of the Wilsons went to the Temple-- we did not have our recommends since "spontaneous trip 800 miles away to the Temple" was not on our list of things to do over the break when we left our recommends in Logan), met up with my Uncle Ray and Aunt Robin Saturday evening, saw my cousin Jennifer at the fancy restaurant where she works (the host (which probably isn't even the right fancy name for him) pulled the table away from the seat so I could sit down and then put the napkin on my lap for me! and the water was like drinking honest to goodness flavorless silk-- it was like nothing I've ever experienced.), spent the night with Ray and Robin, went to Church at one of the wards Kalen served in on Sunday and drove the 11hours back to Salt Lake, follows by the hour and a half that we had to drive after that to get home to Logan. We got home at 2 in the morning and went back to school and work the next day. It was AWESOME! To spare you more text, I'll just give you the highlights via picture (now we can be friends again, Jess!):

Golden Gate Bridge at night (by the way, all these pictures are going to be in reverse order of how we did things, but hey...)

This is pretty blurry, but you can tell pretty well how dang hilly this city is!

Lombard Street-You know, the super windy one that they always race down really face in fancy cars in movies.

Why I would never own a car with a manual transmission in San Francisco.

A street performer. He was pretty awesome, though now that all we have left of him is his picture, I think it's pretty funny we put a whole dollar in his can to take this picture... Shortly after this picture was taken, the guy was using that pizza cutter-looking thing that you see to attempt to cut my head off.

Ok, I know this one is sideways, my bad. But you have to read this game. We found this awesome museum that had all these antique arcade games (the next few pictures are from there). This was one of them. This "Career Pilot" thing- I think you could squeeze this little handle thing, and it would predict your career path by how you squoze (? past tense of squeeze) the handle. Anyway, we just loved the options! A nudist, A Hot Air Artist (???), a Hypochondriac, and our favorite, a Love Pirate.

The caption on this one was "See Suzie Do the Can-Can".... ummm.... If that is what suzie looks like, I don't want to see her do anything besides catch on fire! What the monkey mouth and butch hair?!

Justin totally won.

Yep, she's pretty creepy.

Out on one of the piers...

Justin took this one and the next one, I just thought they were pretty artsy and cool-looking.

These statues were named Yin and Yang. Justin told the angry one a secret.

When presented with a giant ear, I just couldn't help but give it a wet willy. However, now that I'm looking at this picture, the statues face reflects my actions pretty appropriately if you ask me.

Was it so nice to get away from freezing weather and snow in Utah to come to this? Why yes. Yes it was.

Why is it that people in naturally warm and beautifully wonderful places like San Francisco like to pretend to be cold and act like it's fun to be surrounded by snow and ice?

A real life trolley!

Justin and I in front of some giant ornaments in the financial district.

A plaza by the BART station in Oakland, CA, where we started the day.

Anyway, it was a blast of a trip and I was so happy we went. I don't know how I ended up without any pictures of us and Ray and Robin or Jennifer (what was I thinking?!), but maybe we'll get some next time we come out. Which brings me to another blog-worthy topic. Justin and I purchased a GPS with our Circuit City gift card! Which we will have to use to take another trip to California sometime in the future : )

Anyway, this was a giant post, and not even as giant as it could have been, but it has gotten me past the mental hurdle of a cool 100th post (it wasn't even that cool....), so now I can continue blogging about nothing in particular like I usually do! Back to boring posts! Yahoo!

Friday, December 05, 2008

Fun conversations at work

So I have a favorite friend at work. Today, I walked by the favorite friend and had the following "conversation" (though I didn't really say anything):

Friend: "I didn't even do.... wait, I just don't like double negatives. I hate using double negatives."
Me: (thinking to myself) "Where was the double negative in that?"
Friend: (continuing) "Let me start again. I didn't even... wait! I did it again! One more time-- [concentrating] I did not even...(continued on)"
Me: (thinking to myself) Huh?

Apparently friends, and I didn't know this, but "didn't" is a "double negative." I was under the impression that it was a contraction, which would stop being a contraction if you changed it to "did not," but I am obviously sorely mistaken. It is a double negative. I will consider myself advised for future usage.

Also, just so you know, this post is number 99! Wahoo!! Number 100 will be a doosy!