Friday, November 14, 2008


So Justin and I are big fans of Redbox. We go quite frequently. Redbox has a wide variety of movies, except, often, all the good ones. But we’ve seen some OK stuff. We did not choose to rent this movie, because it was rated R (the SOLE reason, of course), but I wanted to post it on here anyway because the genre which it falls into makes me laugh and laugh.

Asian Horror?! It couldn’t just be in the Horror genre? It’s too Asian for the typical horror enthusiast? “Usually I love that kind of stuff, but that one was one of those Asian Horror flicks, you know? Totally different than my usual stuff.”

Also, I love the cover art. If that ain't bizarre, I don't know what is.


Rachel said...

Hey, sign up at and get free rentals weekly :) They send you codes via e-mail or text. It's awesome. Free movies!!


RobinfromCA said...

You have no idea! If you lived in our neighborhood this wouldn't be so much of a surprise!

Nate and Cami said...

Yeah, Rachel knows where it's at! Nate and I get a free movie every Monday night! We don't always get around to watching it, but we DO have the option! Also at you can reserve movies, and go pick them up before everyone else takes them. This is especially fun on a Tuesday when a new movie just came to RedBox, and you watch the 20 people in front of you in line try to get that movie and fail...and...SHAZAAM! When it's your turn, guess what you've got. New movie baby. Thank you!