Tuesday, October 28, 2008


I finally started reading the series that every female I know is talking about. I read almost 400 pages in approximately 4 hours. It was intense. I have also given up all my responsibilities at home. If I can just get through the last 100 pages of this one and then the next 3 books too, I can have my life back.

Also, you'll want to stay tuned because Justin and I went through a bunch of his old school stuff yesterday night and there were some pretty awesome stories. My favorite was his small collection of poetry. Those are going to make it on as soon as I can get my hands on them again.

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Justin, Jessica, and Miley J Madsen said...

Erin, I love reading your posts. You are so funny. Thanks for playing tag, if you didn't I would have been SOO MAD!! you don't even know how MAD!! FURIOUS!!
PS, You are going to LOVE The twilight series. At the rate you are going, you should have your life back VERY soon. Oh, and, I am planning some fun things for our halloween party! Glad you had fun in SLC.