Thursday, October 09, 2008

My life is flying by

I generally feel pretty young and spritely, but I'm pretty sure that moving to Logan has advanced my "driving age" (similar to "brain age," but for driving) to approximately 90 years old.

The other day I was driving Justin to a baseball game and kindly, I heard Justin say from the other seat, "I think the speed limit on this road is 25."

Friends, I wasn't even going 20.

It wasn't like I just turned a corner and hadn't accelerated to the limit yet, I was cruising at like 17 miles per hour. And man, were the cars stacking up behind me.

The funny thing is, no one seemed to really mind. Yeah, I had a 20-car trail going, but no one seemed mad. They weren't swerving or trying to pass or tailgating. They were just cruising at 17 mph with me. In fact, almost every time I look down at my speedometer now, I'm going at least 3 or 4 miles under the speed limit, but when I look in the rear view mirror, no one is ever tailgating me. I have, on more than one occassion, seen a car choose to merge into my lane and follow my royal slowness. In Provo, man, if you are not 5 over, cars are jamming up your rear bumper swerving to the extreme left of the lane trying to see if they can get around you, maybe even honking. Here, everyone is content to drive just as slow as you are.

Maybe it's because I have so little stress in my life right now. I work a consistent 8:30-5:30 with no overtime, virtually no deadlines, I'm not in school and I get to spend the entire night after 5:45pm with Justin every night because he's always finished his homework already. I just don't feel rushed to do anything. Maybe that's why older people drive so slow- they're in no rush to do anything, and the faster they go, the faster death comes I guess. So why hurry up?

I'm sure I'll eventually return to my crazed, regular-person driving, but for now, I'm enjoying being entirely relaxed on the road (In fact, I watched mythbusters last night and according to them, I should be getting way better gas mileage now than I did as my previous stressed-out self.).

However, I will try to quit the 10-20 mph zone for the rest of your sakes. 25mph, here I come.

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Michelle or Glen Brooksby said...

How would it be! I'd take a dose of "no stress" every now and then. Of course growing up in Glenville didn't exactly prepare you for the Indy 500.