Thursday, September 18, 2008

Ok Ok

I've been informed that I haven't written on my blog in a whole week (thank you, Melissa). I would just say, "Yeah? What gives. I write when I want," except I think that every time I have griped to Melissa about how she hasn't written, I find a new post on her blog almost immediately. So I can't turn her down.

This is my new desk, in case you care.

SO I'm a corporate hottie now I guess. At least that's what Justin says. I kind of feel like I'm in a half daze every day trying to learn so many new things basically very second, but I know it'll all come eventually. One of the attorneys I work for said his best secretary ever was basically in tears after her first week and I've yet to even get the chin quiver, so I can't be doing that bad. Plus all the other secretaries are good enough to stop me before I do anything irreprably wrong.

It turns out that I do a lot of estate planning. That's probably what I've done the most of so far (besides typing up letters that were dictated onto tapes... which I actually like the best I think... weird.). I've already learned a lot, namely that Justin and I will have the most iron-clad trusts and wills of all time. So if you want in, you better let me know because I'm already drawing up a list of all my "tangible personal property" (which so far includes... a GIANT laptop computer from 2004, a flute, a piccolo, some cute clothes, some ugly clothes...... a bag of goldfish.... ummm.....).

I also learned some things about myself this week, namely that I have no "business casual" clothes that don't feature knee-length skirts. No long skirts and no dressier pants. Which would be pretty sad all. winter. long. But this is no longer the case. Thanks to a trip to DI and Ross last night, I now have a pair of black dress pants, a cute turtleneck and two long skirts that are office appropriate. We also managed to place my horrible, misshapen nikes with some new sneakers. All in all a good night.

In other news, we bought a piano and it arrives on Saturday, assuming it doesn't rain like it's supposed to (since the piano's coming here in the back of a truck). We've got our fingers crossed, so you should cross yours too. We are VERY excited. Mostly I am very excited, since Justin can play Hot Cross Buns and that's about it.

Also I have started collecting buttons and have roughly 10 pounds either at my house or being shipped there as we speak... but that will probably have to be a blog topic for another day.

Ok, hopefully this will suffice for now. To all my faithful readers, thanks for being patient and hopeully this wasn't too lame.


Melissa said...

YAY!!! Thank you! I'm so glad you posted. And it was very exciting. So can I get put on the list for people going in your last will and testament? I want something really really good...since I'm a faithful blog reader :)

The Psycho Girlfriend said...

My mom collects buttons. She says it's a crossover from a childhood memory of playing with her grandma's jar of buttons. I guess one day the buttons disappeared and she misses them, so now she collects buttons...

... she buys them on ebay.

I don't collect buttons, but after hearing that story I'll probably never be able to throw hers away after she dies. They might even be one of her tangible assets, and I could be forbidden from trashing them in her will... hmmmm.

Robin said...

Buttons!!! Where did you get 10 lbs. of them? Jenn is right - my grandma's buttons disappeared. I think under suspicious circumstances - evil button thieves who stealthily made off with them in the middle of the night. I just got some new ones on ebay! Definitely one of my tangible assets.