Monday, September 29, 2008

Cheap-o Date night

So Justin and I have a "Date night" tradition of going out every Friday night. We have a budget for these excursions, which is pretty small (what are you going to do? Dumb tuition), so sometimes it gets spent before the month is up. We ended up with only $5 and change for this last week, so we decided we were going to ride the bus around town and see what we could do.

First, we rode the bus to Little Caesars and got a Pepperoni Pizza. On the way there, we saw perhaps the largest spider I have ever seen in a city (I've seen some pretty nasty ones out in the woods camping), but I couldn't take a good picture with only my phone camera. It was hairy and had spikes on its legs. Pretty gross.

Right next to the Little Caesars there was a Downeast store which we decided to take a look at. Turns out there are 2 Downeast stores in Logan- one normal one and one where everything is either $2 (mostly the tops) or $5 (mostly jeans and such), and also ripped beyond belief. I'm talking about tears in the fabric that make the garment almost unrecognizable as an actual piece of clothing. It was rather strange and Justin got bored mighty quickly (poor guy hates shopping), so we ran back out to catch the bus. Literally ran down Main Street in Logan, because we could see the bus coming down the road behind us and didn't want to miss our ticket to the Transit Center.

So we got to Smiths (aka the "Transit Center") with the intent to catch bus #11 to Maceys to get some ice cream from the deli. We were going to have to wait for like 25 minutes, and after about 10 of those, another bus pulled up that drove sort of close to the Maceys and we decided to talk to its driver to see where the closest stop to Maceys was. Well, he informed us that he didn't drive really close to Maceys at all and in any case, he was on his last run, which was only half of a run, so he wouldn't be coming back to the Transit Center at all, and, by the way, bus 11 only runs til 5:30pm, not like 9:30 like it says on your bus schedule. Thank you, City of Logan, for preparing such accurate public transportation schedules.

So with no way to get to Maceys, we decided to pick up a Redbox movie (we had a code to get one for free) and head back home. We rented "Made of Honor" (much to Justin's chagrin, but we get action movies every other time) which was even more ridiculous than I thought it would be.
So all in all, we had dinner, a movie, and transportation all for a total of $5.34. A pretty fun night.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Another cute thing

I have decided I just like crafts too much. I made this tonight:

It's for a friend of ours who just had a baby girl. Their nursery is Purple and Black and white (and I think some green) and so I made this for them to add to the room. The colors in the picture are a little funny, but it works. It's in a little black frame and it's 5X7. And I think it's cute. So there you have it-- more Erin crafts in case you didn't have enough before! : )

Now let's just hope the new mom doesn't get on here and look at this before we give it to them tomorrow : )

Monday, September 22, 2008


The piano arrived!!!! Here's a preliminary picture.
We still need to re-stain a couple parts of it (the guy we bought ti from was sick of doing it, so he gave us a discounted price if we'd finish it), but it looks pretty good! It was pretty much a miracle it got here without getting wet- it rained in the morning before the Wilson's picked it up and then it was dry until after we got it in the house when it started raining again. Talk about lucky.

Anyway, we're pretty excited, and I played it for probably close to 3 hours yesterday, so yes our neighbors probably already hate us.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Ok Ok

I've been informed that I haven't written on my blog in a whole week (thank you, Melissa). I would just say, "Yeah? What gives. I write when I want," except I think that every time I have griped to Melissa about how she hasn't written, I find a new post on her blog almost immediately. So I can't turn her down.

This is my new desk, in case you care.

SO I'm a corporate hottie now I guess. At least that's what Justin says. I kind of feel like I'm in a half daze every day trying to learn so many new things basically very second, but I know it'll all come eventually. One of the attorneys I work for said his best secretary ever was basically in tears after her first week and I've yet to even get the chin quiver, so I can't be doing that bad. Plus all the other secretaries are good enough to stop me before I do anything irreprably wrong.

It turns out that I do a lot of estate planning. That's probably what I've done the most of so far (besides typing up letters that were dictated onto tapes... which I actually like the best I think... weird.). I've already learned a lot, namely that Justin and I will have the most iron-clad trusts and wills of all time. So if you want in, you better let me know because I'm already drawing up a list of all my "tangible personal property" (which so far includes... a GIANT laptop computer from 2004, a flute, a piccolo, some cute clothes, some ugly clothes...... a bag of goldfish.... ummm.....).

I also learned some things about myself this week, namely that I have no "business casual" clothes that don't feature knee-length skirts. No long skirts and no dressier pants. Which would be pretty sad all. winter. long. But this is no longer the case. Thanks to a trip to DI and Ross last night, I now have a pair of black dress pants, a cute turtleneck and two long skirts that are office appropriate. We also managed to place my horrible, misshapen nikes with some new sneakers. All in all a good night.

In other news, we bought a piano and it arrives on Saturday, assuming it doesn't rain like it's supposed to (since the piano's coming here in the back of a truck). We've got our fingers crossed, so you should cross yours too. We are VERY excited. Mostly I am very excited, since Justin can play Hot Cross Buns and that's about it.

Also I have started collecting buttons and have roughly 10 pounds either at my house or being shipped there as we speak... but that will probably have to be a blog topic for another day.

Ok, hopefully this will suffice for now. To all my faithful readers, thanks for being patient and hopeully this wasn't too lame.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

I did it!

I am no longer unemployed! I will start Monday morning at 8:30 working as a legal secretary for Olson & Hoggan, P.C.. It is fantastic and I am so happy to have a job! With benefits too! YAY!

Sound the Alarm!

The city's giant washing machine has overflowed and suds are running through the streets of Logan!!!

I am not kidding. We were driving down Main when we saw this. All of that white stuff looked like soap suds. There was way more of it then I could ever hope to capture in one lousy cell phone picture, but this gives you an idea. I just feel bad for the people stuck at Chevron the rest of the day. Looks like the one guy has already pulled out a camping chair (to the right of the car in the entrance). Thank heavens there's a quickie mart in that station!

Monday, September 08, 2008


I think today is one of my (and my mother's) proudest moments. I sewed something. And I didn't ruin it. And it actually looks cute. It is truly momentous.

The kitchen curtain took WAY longer than it probably should have, but hey, that's what I get for being so worried about messing them up. They turned out rather cute and now I can't wait to get started on all the other ones (living room and 2 master bedroom ones).

Heaven Help Me

Today I am going to start the enormous undertaking of making curtains for our entire house. Without any patterns.

Pray for me.

Pictures will follow if they end up turning out OK.

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Another successful wedding...

...means another successful wedding card!

I must say, it may look like I outdid myself this time, but I'll tell you my top secret tip.

When you get married, save the cute wedding cards you were given

A lot of them have cute details on them that you can rip off and keep in a plastic bag and use later to make cute wedding cards with virtually no effort. If you've already gotten married and didn't do this, well then, I guess you'll never make cute wedding cards. hahaha, no you still will, don't worry.

The entire front I basically ripped off two places- the car and bride and groom (minus the pink "Misty and Ryan" plaque) came off a card we got for our wedding (hopefully not the card they gave us....), and the outside border came from the couple's wedding invitation. That's my other top secret wedding card tip. Use the invitation. The couple obviously liked the style of their wedding invitation, it's in their wedding colors, and it's usually very high quality. You're just going to throw it away anyway after the wedding, so why not put at least some of it to good use?

Anyway, here's a closeup and the inside detail. I'm a fan.

Google Banging

This post is mostly for my dad. He first introduced me to the wonderful pastime of "Google Banging." I'm sure all of you know how useful google can be. You can look up anything and everything and usually get at least a few results even for the most bizarre search. That is why Google banging is so fun. The goal is to search for something that will bring back only 1 result from Google- no more, no less. It's very hard- give it a try. However, the other day as I was searching for jobs with Logan city, I did it. So I took a picture (lame, I know, but not surprising to those who read this blog regularly.). So here you go.

Thanks, Dad, for teaching me yet another way to usefully spend my time. If you click here, you'll find the employment of another useful thing you've taught me.

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Seriously, So Blessed!

Ok, so today I learned about a fun new blog. I put it on the sidebar for all of you who may be interested in becoming frequent readers too. It's called "Seriously, So Blessed!" and apparently, it's a blog written by some... (girl? guy?) one.... who is spoofing the whole newly-wedded, marital bliss, happiest life ever (!!!!) Mormon girl. It's rather hilarious. For some reason, I have a feeling that Rachel Brown Field will particularly like it (click on the link, Rachel. You know you want to.). Anyway- like I said, the link's on the side, so happy reading!