Sunday, August 31, 2008

My craftiness serves a purpose.

Yesterday was a day of home improvement. I made two things. One of which I'm very proud of and one of which I'm sort of proud of. First the one I'm sort of proud of.

I made one of those board things that people put pictures and notes on and stuff. We don't have many pictures for it as of yet, but I tried to get one on there to show the size. I'm sort of proud of it- it helps the wall, but there are definitely things I would have done differently if I were to do it again. But I do want to say that I could not have estimated the amount of ribbon I would need better. I had about 3 inches left when I finished. Boom baby.

Now onto the thing I'm pretty proud of. I decorated some magazine holders that we got at DI and I think they turned out pretty well.

That represents a LOT of time with an exacto knife and a compass. It took me like 3 hours, but it was worth it. They're pretty cool. And those things at the bottom are labels for which magazines are inside.

These are currently the only two magazines we have enough of to merit their own label. We also have one Better Homes and gardens and a couple Bassmasters. 5 seconds to guess whose those are.


Michelle or Glen Brooksby said...

Those are awesome magazine holders. You did a great job!

Melissa said...

Oh Erin. I need you and your craftiness to come visit me and my currently bare condo with little decorations (although there is a plasma flat screen-that has to count for something) and hideous couches.
But if you came, it probably wouldn't ONLY be for your craftiness, I'd like to see you too. :)

rachel b. said...

Wow, good for you! Both projects are way cute. My sister-in-law made me one of those ribbon board things, too, and I love it but I only have 2 pictures in it . . . and they're the same picture :-) I just don't get pictures printed very often, I guess.