Thursday, August 28, 2008

Adventures in Logan

So Justin and I have been having fun lately discovering Logan. I would like to think it's because we want to really get to know our new hometown , but more likely it's probably because we haven't had internet or the TV (both of which have now been remedied! WAHOO!). We realized last night that we have made as many trips to Walmart this week as there are days in the week. Yeah. Not good.

Anyway, last night, we went out on a quest to return some movies we got from the library (Red Skelton and Mr. Bean. Excellent choices if you too have no TV) and to buy some L-supports so we could mount a shelf in our laundry closet. Well the trip to the library went well (though before we left, we had checked out 4 more Mr. Bean tapes), and then we set off to get the supports. Well, on our way to Lowe's, we saw the dollar store and thought they might have some, so we stopped in.

Now Logan may not have a lot of things, but it does have a pretty dang good dollar store. Well, not knowing where anything was in this new dollar store, naturally we had to walk every single aisle and look at everything. Oh the things we found! I have included a picture of one of my favorites.

Now look at what this item is. Think of its name to yourself. Now read what this item is labeled. In case you couldn't read the tiny, blurry print, I have enlarged it for you below:

Now I'm no technological genius, but that ain't no car charger. I'm pretty sure that's a handsfree.
Anyway, $5 later after leaving the dollar store with things that weren't L-supports (Oh my gosh! You can get this for only a dollar! We totally could use one of these!), we set off to Lowe's. Well on the way to Lowe's is, you guessed it, Walmart. Of course, we had to stop in. Walmart should have L supports! They do in fact have them. They were 83 cents each and we bought two. However, I'm pretty sure that Walmart, knowing we must return and continue the trend of our nightly Walmart trip, hid the L supports in the most strange, out of the way spot of all time. So that a box of gushers, roll plumbers tape, set of anchors, bag of screws, and a set of cable ties later, we would finally find them and consider our shopping trip complete.

We really needed all those things. Just apparently not urgently enough to remember them before they were sitting right in front of us (Only 97 cents?! That's a good deal. We could definitely use those!).

We have banned ourselves from shopping anywhere for the rest of the week.

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rachel b. said...

We have a Walmart literally right behind our place, so close we can walk to it. And at first we were way excited about it, but we went to it pretty much every single day for the first 2 weeks we were here. We're trying to tone it down now.