Sunday, August 31, 2008

My craftiness serves a purpose.

Yesterday was a day of home improvement. I made two things. One of which I'm very proud of and one of which I'm sort of proud of. First the one I'm sort of proud of.

I made one of those board things that people put pictures and notes on and stuff. We don't have many pictures for it as of yet, but I tried to get one on there to show the size. I'm sort of proud of it- it helps the wall, but there are definitely things I would have done differently if I were to do it again. But I do want to say that I could not have estimated the amount of ribbon I would need better. I had about 3 inches left when I finished. Boom baby.

Now onto the thing I'm pretty proud of. I decorated some magazine holders that we got at DI and I think they turned out pretty well.

That represents a LOT of time with an exacto knife and a compass. It took me like 3 hours, but it was worth it. They're pretty cool. And those things at the bottom are labels for which magazines are inside.

These are currently the only two magazines we have enough of to merit their own label. We also have one Better Homes and gardens and a couple Bassmasters. 5 seconds to guess whose those are.

Logan: the hippest town there is.

"Yo man! Come to our store, man! All outdoor furniture is 50% of 'deh' price, Yo! You ain't gonna get no bettah deal dan dis, yo!"

*Justin also pointed out that we were at the "Down East Home" store when we saw this sign. However, I still find it amusing.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

A day of Mourning

Stella was belly up this morning.

I don't know what it is, but I seem to be incapable of keeping any goldfish alive. Except for the one I had my freshman year. Does anyone remember the name of that one? Melissa? Cami? Maybe Rachel? That thing was invincible. It was 2 years old when I gave it to Cami and it would have kept living if her roommate hadn't fed it- what was it? Raisin bran? Anyway- that thing lived a whole summer one time without getting fed for like 3 weeks while my roommate (the summer sitter) was on vacation. I would let it go days a at time without eating. I don't know what the difference was between that one and all of my fish since that time.

Peaches. That was the fish's name. Peaches- you are forever an awesome, nearly immortal fish. Stella- you were pretty cool, too, but I wish you would have less time hiding inside that castle and more time doing flips out of the water or something if you were only going to live for 4 days.

Friday, August 29, 2008


This post will be dedicated to several things. Hence the title.

Many of you might have heard me complain about how hot my old car was. Our 1989 Nissan Maxima has all of the latest and greatest whiz bang features you can think of, however, the A/C (and heater for that matter) is broken and it would cost more to fix than the car is currently worth. Well, heaven knows it gets hot in UT and heaven knows even better that it gets even hotter in cars. I spent many a day last summer complaining about how I was baking in the car. Well some of you naysayers might have thought I was just a whiner. Well those of you can eat crow today, my friends, because get a load of THIS:

Those, my friends, were a pair of perfectly good Nike sneakers. I have never had a problem with them. However, after leaving them in the car for one day while we went to Lagoon (along with the rest of the stuff we brought in our car when we moved), they became little more than warped and mangled pieces of rubber and upholstery.
Notice how the sole completely separated from the rest of the shoe. It's really incredible actually. And yes, you can guarantee Nike is getting a letter about it since NONE of the rest of our shoes had any problems. These were my good sneakers too, so I'm pretty mad.

Anyway, onto other things. Today I was commenting on my friend Rachel's blog about this and I thought it was funny enough to share. So for those of you who try to close the day with prayer, you may understand me when I say this can sometimes be very hard to do. The days get long and sometimes your brain can only do one thing and that is to try at all costs to get you to fall asleep. The funniest combination of these two occurances is when your brain sort of half wins the "fall asleep" battle right in the middle of the prayer. This has happened in our family several times, and whenever I'm the one still alert, I'll write them down because the result is usually hilarious. For example, Justin has prayed before (and I'm not making these up) for God to "bless us to be able to help people agriculturally and spiritually," and my all time favorite, to "bless those that maintain the turf." Usually it's about all I can do to not totally lose it after one of these episodes.

Alright, last thing. The day before we left Provo, Justin and I decided to go bowling at the BYU lanes one last time. This was mostly because he had a coupon for a free game (he bowled a game once with no open frames!), not because we lust after bowling. Though sometimes we do that too. Anyway, going into the alley, I was just hoping to do OK, since it had been about 2 months since actually being in the class. Well, my friends, I did OK. I did AWESOME. I broke my high score by 3 points and got a 179. I also bowled 4 strikes in a row (which won me another free game, which we of course had to use that night), and two turkeys besides that, one in the 10th frame. So here, memorialized forever, is that infamous game.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Adventures in Logan

So Justin and I have been having fun lately discovering Logan. I would like to think it's because we want to really get to know our new hometown , but more likely it's probably because we haven't had internet or the TV (both of which have now been remedied! WAHOO!). We realized last night that we have made as many trips to Walmart this week as there are days in the week. Yeah. Not good.

Anyway, last night, we went out on a quest to return some movies we got from the library (Red Skelton and Mr. Bean. Excellent choices if you too have no TV) and to buy some L-supports so we could mount a shelf in our laundry closet. Well the trip to the library went well (though before we left, we had checked out 4 more Mr. Bean tapes), and then we set off to get the supports. Well, on our way to Lowe's, we saw the dollar store and thought they might have some, so we stopped in.

Now Logan may not have a lot of things, but it does have a pretty dang good dollar store. Well, not knowing where anything was in this new dollar store, naturally we had to walk every single aisle and look at everything. Oh the things we found! I have included a picture of one of my favorites.

Now look at what this item is. Think of its name to yourself. Now read what this item is labeled. In case you couldn't read the tiny, blurry print, I have enlarged it for you below:

Now I'm no technological genius, but that ain't no car charger. I'm pretty sure that's a handsfree.
Anyway, $5 later after leaving the dollar store with things that weren't L-supports (Oh my gosh! You can get this for only a dollar! We totally could use one of these!), we set off to Lowe's. Well on the way to Lowe's is, you guessed it, Walmart. Of course, we had to stop in. Walmart should have L supports! They do in fact have them. They were 83 cents each and we bought two. However, I'm pretty sure that Walmart, knowing we must return and continue the trend of our nightly Walmart trip, hid the L supports in the most strange, out of the way spot of all time. So that a box of gushers, roll plumbers tape, set of anchors, bag of screws, and a set of cable ties later, we would finally find them and consider our shopping trip complete.

We really needed all those things. Just apparently not urgently enough to remember them before they were sitting right in front of us (Only 97 cents?! That's a good deal. We could definitely use those!).

We have banned ourselves from shopping anywhere for the rest of the week.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

I got a new life and the family is fine!

Quick name that song or you're not worthy to continue reading this post!

Billy Joel's Scenes from an Italian Restaurant

Ok. So many of you might have been wondering if I died. Well, clearly this is not the case. Let me tell you- living without internet and TV (we bought rabbit ears, ready to pick up all our fav stations, only to get an all soccer all the time channel and a Spanish channel. yeah, took those suckers back) has been.... eye opening. It's funny, because I've been doi
ng so much unpacking and whatnot that I usually don't notice my lack of modern comforts, but around mealtime and right before bed, they become extremely apparent. I didn't realize how often I watch TV while I eat breakfast or lunch (apparently I must have done this every meal, for my whole life, or so you would think based on how much I missed it), but man it's quiet when it's just you and a sandwich and... you chewing.

So anyway, enough of that. On to what you're really here for. Awesome pictures and updates! YAHOO! Today I will show you the living room and bathroom. These rooms are currently the cutest and the most unpacked. So, welcome friends to Apartment #3!

This is the first thing you see when you first walk in...

(in front of you to the right)

You will notice a big lack of things hanging on the walls. Well this is because we are going to be getting our 1860s newspapers framed, after which we will hang them all in a row down that wonderfully blank wall.

(in front of you to the left)

On that first picture, you'll notice the cork boards were blank, but I added some of our engagement shots that I found while I was unpacking to spice things up a bit.

Then this is the view of the couch and entertainment center from the other direction. Lovely, eh?

We got a fish! Hooray! I named her Stella and so far she is one day old (to us). Yahoo! Hopefully she will make it longer than our last fish (Justin bought me one when we were engaged and we named it Quentin and it lived 2 days. We have always prayed that mishap was not a bad omen for our future relationship). I have no idea what that froth is on the top of the water there. It was magically there this morning and certainly wasn't there yesterday when I first put her in that bowl. I don't know if she did some frantic swimming last night and whipped the water up good or if there's some frothy disease in there waiting for the perfect moment to kill her, but I'm really hoping it's neither (but really really hoping it's not the disease considering that'd be a pretty nasty disease that could very well become airborne.).

Hey fishy fishy!!

Now on to the bathroom. This shot is the bathroom from the door (mostly our cute wall cabinet). It is rather relaxing feeling if I do say so myself. And yes, that is ample reading material. Martha Stewart baaaaaby! Thanks for having such lovely covers!

And this is the bathroom from the shower. Yay!

All in all I feel like it's coming together. There is absolutely NO storage space besides our two closets and our teeny hall closet, but hey, we're creative. We just never thought we would have a hard time fitting everything in when this new place is so much bigger! On another note, I would like to thank Allie Smoot for being our official apartment photographer. Turns out we don't have many pictures of us other than our engagement and wedding shots...

In other news, Justin started school yesterday and I.... stayed home, unpacked, and baked banana bread. Notice how there was no going to school in that list for me. It was THE . BEST . FEELING . OF . ALL . TIME. I'm sure Justin is loving his program and I know he enjoys what he's doing, so I can't feel sorry for him, but at the same time, it's just so nice to know I don't have to sit in class or do homework. Wow. Terrific, let me tell you.

Well, that's about all for now. Now that we finally have the internet, I'll be back to blogging more regularly, which will be nice because I had some prime blogging ideas during this last week that I wasn't able to fully implement with the lack of the world wide web. So frequent readers, get pumped!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

It's alive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Or rather, I am. and Justin, too.

We just moved to Logan! Hooray! However, this move has been very interesting in the fact that Logan, as a whole, does not apparently believe in many of the technological advances that most of the rest of the developed world does. Such as internet. Or TV. We can't even get TV through rabbit ears. Which means the greatest sadness of all time has occurred. I can't watch the Olympics.
As far as internet goes, we ain't got it. I'm at the public library right now trying to catch up on everything as well as change our address with everyone I can think of. I have exactly 1 hour to do all this, as well as catch on on all my favorite blogs. Yeah, not possible. So anyway, hopefully I'll be back and connected with the cyberworld once more very soon, but until then this ugly, boring, block-o-text blog entry is all you get. I think it accurately represents the level of technological advancement that our new hometown has attained to.

Saturday, August 09, 2008

More Craftiness

I made this card today for my friend Angela who just got married today. If I do say so myself, it turned out cute enough to be blog worthy.



Thursday, August 07, 2008

Wow, now if he wants one....

That's it. I'm getting one of my own.

If only Annie had had one, the police would have known if she was OK and he wouldn't have had to write a whole song asking her to confirm her OK status.

Goodbye, Icon.

Well, tomorrow's my last day at Icon Security, the place where I've worked since June of 2007. As I was starting to clean out my desk today, I found the notes I took on my very first day of work. Talk about reminiscing. Also, I just spelled reminiscing correctly all on my own and I'm pretty happy. But here is a picture of my notes:
I know. Pretty detailed. Turns out that's much like everything else I've ever done here. I literally have tomes of information sitting in all my files. Most of it is completely useless since so much about the company has changed in the past year, yet somehow I feel like throwing it out simultaneously throws away all my accumulated knowledge. It's really weird. Anyway, tomorrow at 5pm, I'm outta here, never to return, except to come say hi to old friends and give them a hard time about how they're still working here and I'm not.

Monday, August 04, 2008

Oh yeah

Also, in big news, my mom and sister and brother are here for the next 3 weeks! YAHOO!

One cracked out dream

I dreamed that Justin and I were ants a few nights back. What a view of the world, let me tell you.

But that's nothing compared to what I dreamed last night.

I was in this giant building that was a combination of laundry services for on campus residents and video arcade games and laser tag. I know. Wild huh? Well, I was going to do my laundry, so I picked out the last available laundry aisle and started putting my stuff down it. Now you have to understand, this is not a typical laundromat. At this laundromat, you line up at the end of a moving conveyor belt (much like the dreadmill for those of you who watch "wipeout") and just start emptying your basket. It disappears at the end of the conveyor belt, kind of like your ball and pins disappear at the end of a bowling alley, and then the workers do your laundry for you and as soon as it's done, they call your number and give you your folded laundry back in your basket. How nice. Except for on this trip, I was washing a bunch of potholders and towels and they all got stuck on an obstruction that caused them to transfer to the next conveyor belt over, which was the "next day laundry" conveyor belt. See exhibit A:

Well, I turned my belt off, and ran to the end of the lane to try and talk to one of the workers in the pit of laundry and asked her if she could just grab those potholders from the top of the "next day" bin and put them into my bin. I told her about the obstruction, but she didn't care. She said that she couldn't move them and that I would have to pick them up tomorrow at 1:30pm. Well, clearly, I work at 1:30pm, so I couldn't do this. She then kindly explained that if I didn't come pick them up at 1:30pm sharp, they would divvy them out to whoever wanted them and I would never see my potholders again.

Well that did not sit right with me. So I asked for a manager. And this old, nerdy, sweet looking guy came out to talk to me and I suddenly went entirely ballistic. You haven't even read about verbal abuse as bad as what I did to that guy. I mean, I was screaming so loudly the whole building stopped and stared. They actually stopped in the middle of laser tag games to look for the apparent murder that was about to occur. I told the guy that he better freaking get my potholder back into the right bin or so help me (I don't know what I threatened him with, but it must have been good). He decided not to mess with me and went and switched my potholders. Meanwhile a LOT of people told me that I would probably get arrested for assault after what I had just done.

And then, the topper of it all was, I waited for my laundry, was about to walk home with my basket when it started raining and it poured the whole time I ran home and when I got back home, my clothes (and potholders) were so drenched and muddy with rain, that they needed washing again anyway.

Friday, August 01, 2008

Well... if the prophet wants one...

They can't be all bad.

This picture is from my database at work. I got everything set up to call this guy when I noticed his name. Random!