Thursday, June 12, 2008

Vengance is mine!

I probably shouldn't feel in any way pleased about this, so I feel kind of guilty saying it at all, but I've just got to. It's another dream I had and I know I've done tons of those already, but this one is good.
Rachel Brown and her sister Bekah and me and Lauren all went away for a weekend on a girls retreat to some beach house on the east coast. There were also two other girls there, who I knew were the daughters of my cooperating teacher from when I student taught (though in real life, he only has one daughter who is about 2 years old). Anyway, my cooperating teacher was also there for some bizarre reason and he really had this nasty habit of interrupting our juicy girl talk with his scriptural musings (think trying to start a fireside with us about every 20 minutes). Anyway, at one point during this gloriously fun getaway, we (the girls) had just finished constructing a 3D model of our town outside on the porch (I know, what a fun girls trip activity!!!) when we could see a storm blowing in. We went back inside, but left the screen door that opened to the porch open because we wanted fresh air. Anyway, the waves started getting pretty bad, so we closed it, and just as we did, this huge wave crashed up over the porch, thoroughly soaking our beautiful 3D model. So, my cooperating teacher ran out onto the porch, even though we told him it was a bad idea, to try to defend our 3D model and just then, an enormous, literally tsunami size wave crashed up over the porch and over, therefore, my cooperating teacher. The wave created a giant 7 ft swimming pool on the porch and I could see my cooperating teacher just bobbing around out there. He was ok, so I'm not a terrible person- I didn't dream he died or anything. I think that dream is somehow the release of all the incredible stress he caused me during my student teaching. Now I can move on with my life with my cooperating teacher drifting around in the waves behind me. I know-- that's pretty poetic, huh?

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