Friday, June 13, 2008


There are so many days where I want to write on my blog, but really have nothing to write about. Those of you who are frequent readers are probably already all too aware of this fact, seeing as half my posts are pretty much useless. Today is no different. Nothing happened. But here's a report of all that nothing anyway, plus some random other musings I thought up to take up space.
- Justin's new computer came earlier this week and it is stellar if I do say so myself.
-We are still trying to find an apartment in Logan with pretty much no luck. We might go up there not this weekend, but the next one to look for a place (without cinderblock walls- I'm hoping for something in an actual house, but we'll see). The Madsens seem to think that we'll be pretty successful if we come up and that we'll probably find something within a day.
-We only have 1 more day of bowling class and I am more sad about being done with that class than I have been about finishing any other class in my entire life (maybe I should have majored in bowling? Yes, probably).
-I still hate my BIO 100 class. BOO.
-I've maintained my 20lb weight loss for 3 months now without really keeping track of everything I eat. Go me!
-Our neighbors moved and gave us a free digital camera before they left. It is pretty nice, but currently only takes 12 pictures without a memory card in it.
-I still am in love with our 1860s newspapers (it turns out we have 5! we thought there were only 4 until one of our neighbors came over to look at them and we pulled them all out and there were 2 more... twas awesome. That means that each paper was $2 each. Quite the deal.)
-I've been really wanting to see Lars and the Real Girl ever since Rachel mentioned it on her blog, but, not surprisingly, can't bring myself to spend $4 to rent it anywhere.
- I found out that my coworker is both L. Tom Perry's grandson and also the author of the 38th best selling instrumental album of 2007.
- I have a really nice desk at work. Which they are taking away to give to someone more important and I am getting a cubicle. A large cubicle, but still... a cubicle... boo.
- Tonight is the ward campout and we are going to be grilling hot dogs and smores over an open fire. yessssssss.
- I had this awesome fathers day present lined up and had the chance to go get it on Wednesday night, but I decided to wait til this morning so I wouldn't have to hide it from Justin for so long. But of course, when I went to go do it this morning, the store's machine that was to construct my present was broken and won't be fixed til the end of next week. I hate my stupid bad luck. FRIDAY THE 13th IS EVIL AFTER ALL!!!!

Aaaaaaaannnnddd....... that's pretty much it.

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rachel b. said...

Here are my responses to your post:

--You can watch Lars and the Real Girl for free! It's in the LRC (although you can't take it home, but you can book a viewing room in the LRC with a really huge awesome TV and watch it there, all by yourselves), and the call number is DVD 69-R, and I cannot express to you the great joy the employees will have when you actually know the call number and we don't have to look it up LIKE WE ALWAYS DO.

--Congratulations on the impressive weight loss! 20 pounds is a big amount of pounds to lose. I'm usually all excited about my, like, 2 pounds of weight loss, which is usually back in about 4 nanoseconds when I so much as think about a brownie. So nicely done, I am highly inspired by you, and I was about to say that you look very beautiful, but I always thought you did (and do) so I guess that's not a Congratulations, you're 20 pounds lighter and NOW beautiful, but more of an ongoing thing . . . yeah.