Tuesday, May 27, 2008

I had a dream

So, maybe you can't tell, but I dream pretty weird stuff, pretty often. Here are a couple of good ones lately.

I dreamt that I had crazy asthma and one day at work, I had such a bad asthma attack that I almost died. However, in my dream, my coworker, Janette, also had bad asthma but she was actually prepared and had this giant iron lung type nebulizer that she used to save my life. So thanks, Janette. You can tell I think pretty highly of you since sometimes my coworkers chase after me trying to kill me in my dreams.

I dreamt that Justin went crazy and was trying to kill me and my mother. And we were trying to run away from him and we just kept running further and further into the woods towards the river. I just remember thinking that if we could just get across the river, Justin wouldn't be able to kill us, but as long as we were on this side, he could shoot us up all he wanted.

Last night I dreamt that I was talking to my friend (who never had a face, but did have the last name "Holbrook"-- I remember that specifically) and he had a little brother who had been in the state soccer finals (playing for Bountiful High school). Anyway, the state finals were held at some huge stadium where they were taped by ESPN (yes, Utah high school soccer finals are a pretty big deal). At the end of the game, my Holbrook friend's little brother was back up in the stands and they announced that he was the MVP of the game- so he started going crazy and jumping around for joy in the stands, and they were of course videotaping it and broadcasting it on ESPN. Well I was watching this video with my Holbrook friend after the fact and I realized that behind his gleeful little brother in the stands was my WHOLE FAMILY! Yes, my family had been on ESPN and I knew that they didn't know it. So I got the URL of the video from my friend and was going to e-mail it to my mom to tell them they were famous. I actually only realized this was a dream about halfway through the morning this morning when I suddenly remembered that I really needed to e-mail my mom about something and then remembered what. And to be honest, I was a little disappointed when I realized it wasn't for real. So sorry, fam. You're not so famous after all.

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