Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Continuing the tradition

So I'm pretty sure that yesterday's post about dreams inspired my dream last night. I had a dream that me and some of my high school kids were at the MTC watching a presentation put on by the Russian elders (the ones Justin teaches. Riley was there doing the presentation too). It was a beautiful spring day until suddenly, we got wind of a terrorist attack on the MTC. We heard there would be hundreds of them, but they were filtering in slowly. A lot of parents showed up mighty quick to take their children away and one of the parents offered to drive me home as well. I jumped in this snowmobile that they used for a car (but it was huge... like the size of an SUV, but a snowmobile) and they decided that on the way to dropping me off, they would check out their secret hideout house in case they had to go live there. Well on the way there, we magically got our snowsuits on and were wading through several feet of snow before I knew it. Their house was fine so they took me home to my parents, who apparently now lived in Utah in what used to be the vom Lehn's house (for all of you from Glenville. Yes, it was the vom Lehn's house, but transplanted in Provo). Justin was still at the MTC fighting off the terrorists I guess. We didn't hear from him for days, just hoping everything was alright. They basically put all the other elders in this underground bunker, so they were all safe, they just left the Russian elders out there fighting the terrorists by themselves. It was weird.
Anyway, Justin eventually came home and he was ok, and I guess Riley was too, since Justin didn't say Riley had died. Almost immediately after he got home, Justin had to leave again because if he didn't, he was going to be late for his shift at the MTC. Yes, he was going to go straight back to work, so help him.

Needless to say, I dream really weird stuff. In quite vivid detail, too. If you want a show, Justin says I talk during all the dreams too, so maybe we could try to videotape it one time and then rent it out and make millions.


rachel b. said...

You know what I've always thought would be the coolest invention ever? Some sort of dream-recording device that you could hook up to your brain at night, so that in the morning you could just press play and see what you dreamed about last night! Awesome, huh?

Erin said...

Yes, that would be cool... except that apparently all your dreams happen really fast... like even long ones happen in like 2-5 minutes, so I'm pretty sure all you'd hear back on the recording device would be chipmunk noises...