Tuesday, March 04, 2008

QUICK! Buy your airline tickets with Delta!

No, really, don't do it. They're never the cheapest. But they are apparently trying to be. Check out this e-mail I got today:

How? You will always find our best fares at delta.com, guaranteed. For eligible tickets, if you discover the same Delta itinerary for a lower fare on another Web site, we'll:
      • Refund your money, or
      • Give you the fare difference and a $100 travel voucher

It's your choice and our Best Fare Guarantee.* See below for details.

Do you want to know what the details are? For select flights, if you can find the exact (exact same day, time, booking class, cabin, etc.) same Delta flight itinerary (so already excludes competition with other airlines altogether) on a site like Travelocity or Expedia, they will refund your money, if you only booked 24 hours ago or less. Also, when determining if the other site's fare is really cheaper, you have to add in all their booking and extra fees (you just take the base Delta fare from their website) and the difference in fare has to be at least $10.

I will never do this for 2 reasons:

a) I have stuff I need to get done during the day, none of which includes sitting down at my computer with a calculator and a stopwatch and a lunar calendar to figure out if my fare meets all these limitations just to get a $100 travel voucher on Delta, the use of which may only possibly make their fares cheap enough to compete with other airlines and which will probably expire tomorrow or only be valid on blackout dates or something weird and twisted like that, [take a breath] AND,

b) Southwest is ALWAYS cheaper than Delta. 'Nuff said.

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