Monday, March 17, 2008

I am the champion

So Justin and I started playing racquetball about once a week right after Christmas break and every week, I do pretty dismally. It's no surprise really- Justin has played for years and I have played for, well, since right after Christmas break. But today, my friends, today the tirade ends. I won, fair and square, the last out of the 4 games we played today. I know. I'm awesome. And Justin wasn't even trying to lose or hurt or playing left handed or anything. Yes, I just won because I am that good. I was so excited, I seriously considered calling my family to announce the news even though it was 10:30pm their time (I couldn't quite bring myself to do it). So instead, I announce it to the cyber world, who I hope will respond with the sincerest of congratulations. Because let me tell you, that might be the only thing that will help heal my now abused and broken body.


rachel b. said...

Erin, I would like to offer you my sincerest congratulations. That truly is a triumph. Last summer, Jeff decided we should play tennis together. It was . . . interesting. And by interesting, I mean it was the most humiliating thing I've done in my life. He even arranged A DOUBLE DATE with two, like, professional tennis players. It was so embarrassing . . . everyone there had played for years, and I still wasn't sure if I was holding a tennis racket or a snowshoe. Horrible. And his bribe of buying me a cute tennis skirt if we played ten times together was clearly not enough to bring me to ten games, because I only made it to like three before I quit.

Melissa said...

I feel bad that no one has congratulated you yet. So I will do it for you. CONGRATULATIONS! ha ha.