Thursday, March 20, 2008

All you doubters, you

Just so you all know, it wasn't just a fluke that I beat Justin on Monday night. I again beat him on Tuesday, on our 6th game. I've determined I just have to make him play hard for about an hour and a half until he's really tired, and at that point, I guess I just run on empty better. So yes, I am still cool at racquetball in case you were wondering.

Monday, March 17, 2008

I am the champion

So Justin and I started playing racquetball about once a week right after Christmas break and every week, I do pretty dismally. It's no surprise really- Justin has played for years and I have played for, well, since right after Christmas break. But today, my friends, today the tirade ends. I won, fair and square, the last out of the 4 games we played today. I know. I'm awesome. And Justin wasn't even trying to lose or hurt or playing left handed or anything. Yes, I just won because I am that good. I was so excited, I seriously considered calling my family to announce the news even though it was 10:30pm their time (I couldn't quite bring myself to do it). So instead, I announce it to the cyber world, who I hope will respond with the sincerest of congratulations. Because let me tell you, that might be the only thing that will help heal my now abused and broken body.

Monday, March 10, 2008

I almost met a famous person

So this past weekend was a little crazy. Our friend won some tickets off the radio to the Ten Tenors concert up at Kingsbury Hall in SLC. Crazy already right? Who wins stuff off the radio?
So the tickets were $42.50 each, right? $42.50!!! That's like the most expensive concert ever! Well as far as college students are concerned. As I'm listening, I'm thinking... these guys are good, but not really $42.50 good. Maybe like $7.00 good. Why did all these people pay $42.50 to be here? Well my friends, let me just say they weren't paying to see the concert.

Yes, my friends, that is Mitt Romney about 3 rows behind where we were sitting! Yeah. I had better seats to this concert than Mitt Romney! Can you believe it? Me neither. So I took probably 5 or 6 pictures on my phone for proof later that I for real almost met someone famous. Justin was kind to pose like I was taking a picture of him, so as not to make my picture taking too obvious, but let's be honest, Mitt's gotta know that whenever he goes anywhere and anyone pulls out a camera, they're taking a picture of him. At least in Utah.

Also, I just want everyone to know that Mitt Romney left at intermission! Yes, not only did I have better seats than Mitt, I had better concert etiquette. I'm awesome.

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

QUICK! Buy your airline tickets with Delta!

No, really, don't do it. They're never the cheapest. But they are apparently trying to be. Check out this e-mail I got today:

How? You will always find our best fares at, guaranteed. For eligible tickets, if you discover the same Delta itinerary for a lower fare on another Web site, we'll:
      • Refund your money, or
      • Give you the fare difference and a $100 travel voucher

It's your choice and our Best Fare Guarantee.* See below for details.

Do you want to know what the details are? For select flights, if you can find the exact (exact same day, time, booking class, cabin, etc.) same Delta flight itinerary (so already excludes competition with other airlines altogether) on a site like Travelocity or Expedia, they will refund your money, if you only booked 24 hours ago or less. Also, when determining if the other site's fare is really cheaper, you have to add in all their booking and extra fees (you just take the base Delta fare from their website) and the difference in fare has to be at least $10.

I will never do this for 2 reasons:

a) I have stuff I need to get done during the day, none of which includes sitting down at my computer with a calculator and a stopwatch and a lunar calendar to figure out if my fare meets all these limitations just to get a $100 travel voucher on Delta, the use of which may only possibly make their fares cheap enough to compete with other airlines and which will probably expire tomorrow or only be valid on blackout dates or something weird and twisted like that, [take a breath] AND,

b) Southwest is ALWAYS cheaper than Delta. 'Nuff said.

Monday, March 03, 2008

More like Mom or Dad? The age old question...

Let me tell you, this was anticlimactic.

But this was even worse.

But worst of all by far is to find out that Justin looks equally like both my parents as well....

Hecks yes.

So I've been doing weight watchers since around the beginning of the year in a desperate attempt to get back to my pre-wedding weight (I know, I've only been married hardly over a year and already I need a whole weight loss system to help me lose the amount of weight necessary... pathetic, right? Yeah, that's what I thought too.). Well old weight watcher and her points have been my best friends these past few months, along with the racquetball courts at the RB, and I'd like to announce that I have officially gotten to my first weight watchers goal: the 10% goal. Yes, in the past 2 months, I have lost 10% of my old body weight. I know, it sounds like a lot right? 10% of my body, just, GONE! well, if you really calculate it out, even if I weighed 200 lbs at the beginning, (which, just so everyone knows, I most certainly did not), would only be like 20 lbs. Anyway, needless to say, I've lost about 1.5X as much as I still want to lose, so I'm feeling mighty fine.

Also, just so know, I defeated Satan last night, so you all needn't worry about that old guy anymore!

I had a dream last night that I was in a fight for my life with Satan and his Minions. Yes, myself and several other good people who I didn't recognize were unknowingly brought into this battle with Satan and his hoard of little devils. They were living in the HFAC (does anyone else here see the alarming similarity between this dream and REAL LIFE?), upstairs from where myself and the good guys were (I say guys, but really, it was all girls that were good... now that I think about it, actually, all the guys in the dream were on the devil's side... huh.... also something to think about), and they would lure us upstairs with the charming sounds of a bassoon solo (I can't remember which solo it was, but in my dream it was familiar) (also, is it weird that the devil used the bassoon as his evil instrument? No. the bassoon is clearly evil. And wickedly hard to play, so it all fits).

Anyway, when my friends and I came upstairs to listen to the lovely bassoon solo, we were careful because we knew it could be a trap (obviously). I peeked in the door and there was a normal looking guy (obviously a devil's minion) and he had his gun pointed at me. The gun was like the one I have depicted above- sort of a long black thing that just shoots a laser beam (sort of like for real laser tag with death as a consequence). The object is to aim the crazy laser pointer at your opponent and press the fire button twice so it blinked the light at them twice and then they would be dead (how nonviolent! I should design video games). Well I narrowly escaped outside the room before he could blink me twice and then we went in for a full scale attack. In the back of the room was a giant automatic sliding door, kind of like the ones at grocery stores. The door was black, and behind the door lie what the minions liked to call something like I-52, which obviously means Satan's lair. After a long fight (during which I blinked my fair share of bad guys out of this world and got told by one of my opponents that I "had gotten much better at using that thing!"), they captured some of us and were going to take us back there into I-52. Well, I was thirsty (long fight, right?) and so I asked my captor if I could get a drink of water. He said yes, but also made me promise I would come into I-52 right after on my own, and I of course, said yes (how obedient!). So I got my drink and ventured past those black double sliding doors on my own, only to enter.... a supermarket? Yes, not the most incredible "abandon all hope now" type of devilish hide out, but hey, when the devil wants a supermarket hideout, I guess the devil gets his supermarket hideout. I kind of guess it would be a Smith's, or maybe Albertsons. Macey's would obviously be the good guy hideout, if we chose to have our secret fort in a supermarket. Which we didn't.

Anyway, I-52 was a scary place. Full of groceries (nothing on sale, though) and evil guys trying to blink you. I tried to explain to the bad guys that I was already captured and was coming in here dutifully to reunite willingly with my captor and wasn't going to fight back, but not many people listened. I don't remember much of what happened, other than that somehow I reunited with my good guys friends and we destroyed all of the devil's little do-badders (is that the evil equivalent for do-gooders?) and last of all, the devil himself, at which point we emerged from I-52 secret supermarket devil hideout TRIUMPHANT! So needless to say, never fear, you do NOT need to worry about that old guy anymore.

Saturday, March 01, 2008

Searching for another blog

So I pretty much feel like an idiot. All I want to do is look at my dear, not pregnant friend Rachel's blog. I recently (like 3 minutes ago) saw it for approximately a minute, during which I learned that the Provo Town Center (I refuse to stoop down to their spelling) Mall is basically run by Nazis and that I should never get my hair cut at a hair school. I was really enjoying myself when I decided to try and go to my own blog page. Yeah, mistake. Now, despite my best efforts, I can't find her blog again. Technically, I can't seem to get to anyone's blog besides my own. Apparently google is the new boss of the show around here (when I first had this 3 years ago, it was way complicated, so I'm glad to see that my first candidate for world domination has taken things into their own hands and made blogging user friendly), so why the heck isn't the search intuitive? Where is the search? I don't want to search my blog for Raquel Campos, there clearly aren't any entires about her, save, I guess, this one. I want to search the vast blog world for Raquel aka Rachel. So Rachel, I know you found me. You posted a comment on my last blog. PLEASE, find me again, and this time just include a link.