Friday, September 13, 2013

July & August

Some recent happenings:

Elsie is really starting to communicate more. She's been doing some signs for a few months, but she is learning them so fast now. She can also say a few words which are so so cute.

She can sign:
All done
Thank you
(These are all the signs I even teach my kids. Are there any other great ones you love that you feel are really helpful?)
Oh, and she's learning how to sign "help."

She can say:
Daddy (Really, she says daddy exactly as I have written it. It's the most darling thing I've ever heard out of a baby's mouth. She's been saying it for ages).
Bubba (what she calls Bennett)
Tee-oh (what she calls our neighbor's dog, Toby).
tick-o-tick-o (tickle, tickle)
wow & yay (her very first words haha)

She can clap, blow kisses and even do the real kissing noise! She is changing so much and almost entirely for the better. She's finally walking and is so much happier now that she's getting around. She learned to crawl, walk, pull herself up, get from laying to sitting and sitting to standing all in the space of about a week. It was ridiculous. Someone once told me that they had a baby who refused to do anything until they could do it perfectly. I have that baby and that baby's name is Elsie.

We've also had a chance to go to a few games lately. Mormon Night at the Orioles is becoming a family tradition (this was our third year) and this year Alli, Riley & Benson got to join us. Hooray! The kids love it & this year it was such a beautiful night. Perfect weather for a ball game.

Justin and I got lucky enough to score free tickets to a Thursday night Ravens game! It's the only one on Thursday night this year (or so someone told me) and we felt super lucky to get to go (since all the others are on Sundays). It was also a beautiful night AND we saw our friends there!

Funny story: the photo below is the only picture we have of the 4 of us. We had someone take one of the 4 of us in the same spot as the picture above, but for some strange reason they left out my friend's husband?! It was the greatest picture... of the 3 of us hahaha.

We also got to go camping! Riley & Alli's new place backs a national park with a campground. It was so easy to just drive 5 minutes from their house and spend one night camping. The kids loved it and both slept all night long without waking up & didn't get up until 7 (whaaaaat?!). It was so fun. 

One of the best blackmail pictures of Elsie I will probably ever have:

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Elsie's birthday & some 2013 catch up

Elsie turned one last month in the midst of our move.  It was such a crazy time but luckily, one-year-olds don't care much about parties.

 Cake's not for me, Mom. We're two for two on first birthday cake-haters. I can't understand what we're doing wrong. All I know is we are going to be serving any future children cake for dinner, not dessert. They will not eat unless it is the cake they are eating, so help me!

 Whining. Elsie-style.


 Mellow Elsie.  (rare!)

 Nom nom nom. 

Crying. Typical. 

You may notice a huge lack of blog posting lately. The only explanation is that Elsie is an extremely challenging little girl. She spends a lot of time crying, wanting to be held and just being generally disagreeable (you'll notice she is smiling in only 1 of the pictures above. The one where she is sticking her tongue out at me). She is healthy, eats well, sleeps well and we have no explanation for her angst other than that she is making up for all of the strife Bennett didn't ever give me.  I find myself hanging onto my absolute last shred of sanity with her  Survival has been priority one and blogging is pretty far down the list after it. 

I am holding out hope. Up to this point, she doesn't really move on her own. She doesn't push up onto her knees when she's lying on her stomach (and screams if you try to show her). She doesn't pull up (screams if you try to show her).  She will roll once to her stomach and once to her back and can pivot on her bum while sitting.  This would be awesome if she wasn't so stinking miserable about it all the time. She hates her own little boring, motion-less life and is not afraid to just sit and cry (loudly) about it. She has endless stamina when it comes to crying and is not easily soothed. She holds a grudge if you do something she doesn't like and will cry for minutes even after you rectify your mistakes. 

She started cruising around furniture a few months ago and that has really helped her demeanor. She can officially walk on her own, but she refuses. Typical. She insists on holding a hand. Occasionally she will let you hold her sides instead and even more occasionally, you can trick her into walking on her own if she is interested in the destination. But she better be really interested, or you're going to hear about it.  I am really (REALLY) hoping that once she is walking, a lot of her grumpiness will fade because she will be able to come & go as she pleases. More likely, she will probably just cling to my legs wherever I go and cry and I will just never be able to get away from the crying instead, but hey, a girl can dream. 

On the plus side, Elsie is much more of a snuggler than Bennett ever was. She does have sweet moments and we try to cling to those.  I just keep telling myself that a year from now, she'll be talking and running and a lot of the issues we'll have now will only be a faint memory. 

Bennett on the other hand.  I am sad to have missed 6 months of blogging about Bennett's life. He is growing and changing so much and most of our Bennett memories are things I actually hope to remember.  The phrases I hear all the time now are, "You're my sweetest, nicest Mom. I love you." accompanied by a hug, or "Now I'll never be able to ______" [insert thing he has been told he can't do/have/say."  The other day he started saying "You have to just leave me alone!" every time he got upset, but that's subsided a little in the past couple days.  He is developing a little attitude but even his attitude is so Bennett-esque. Borderline polite. He doesn't scream at you, he just shakes his finger. He doesn't push people, he pushes the air and crinkles his nose in an angry face. He makes us laugh every day and is such a sweet big brother. In all our trials with Elsie, he never complains about her or the amount of time I have to spend with her (and not him, consequently).  I am really grateful for his help. 

The only picture of Elsie smiling haha. Of course it would be with Bennett. They love each other.

And we cut his hair last night and for the first time ever, he didn't scream/cry/act like we were killing him. It was awesome.

Bennett & his friend Abigail. 

 All of us at Great Falls park. 

Bennett took this picture of us and Eric Maughan who came to visit us. It was great to see Eric & great to have a kid old enough to take a pretty decent picture!

Our family right now. More stories to come sooner than Christmas, I promise. 

Sunday, January 06, 2013

First Real Injury

Well, the Justin & Erin Wilson family has officially had its inaugural first medical-attention-required-type injury!  And we have all survived!

Today was Bennett's first day of Sunbeams. He loved it, until it ended with his head being split open about 3 minutes before the end of Church. Apparently, there were some unused metal folding chairs in the room, and one of the girls in the class was twirling and dancing and knocked one of them over & it hit Bennett on his forehead (I just learned it knocked her over too!). It was weird- I don't know how it even cut him as opposed to just leaving a goose egg, but it totally gouged his forehead. I don't know how it happened.  Anyway, the teachers ran into the hall yelling for help & saying there was blood, and the Primary secretary came and got me.  Luckily his brand new teachers were really nice and doing a great job of keeping him pretty calm.

Can I just say I can't be more grateful that we live in a ward with a million doctors/doctors in training? Within minutes, we had an ER doctor out in the hall looking at his head to decide if we needed stitches (he did). By the time we left the building to go to the hospital less than 10 minutes later (Justin had to be tracked down-- he was holding a sleeping Elsie in the hall on the other side of the Church), Bennett had been seen by a nurse and an ER doctor. And that's just who we could find the fastest.  I could have had probably 15 other people who are medically qualified to look at him come give me a second opinion!

We were on our way out the door with my sweet visiting teacher (she knew where a pediatric urgent care center was at the hospital & was going to ride with us to get us there and then walk home-- did I mention she is almost 30 weeks pregnant? Thank heaven she lives close to the hospital!) when a brother in our ward ran out saying he had talked to an ER trauma surgeon in the ward who had everything he needed at home to take care of Bennett. And miracle of miracles, they only live about a mile from the Church. So we went to Brother/Doctor Fillmore's house and he  cleaned up Bennett's cut and ended up using some glue & steri strips. He said he would do stitches if we wanted, but he thought the glue & strips would work just fine and that he would usually want to run an IV to mildly sedate Bennett so he would be still for the stitches, and he couldn't do that at his house. 

Anyway, less than an hour & a half after the injury happened, we had been to see the Doctor, gotten Bennett fixed up, driven home, eaten lunch, and gotten both kids in bed.  I am so grateful that it happened right at the end of Church so that it was so easy for everyone to help us.  I can't tell you how grateful I am we didn't have to take care of it at a hospital.  Not only would it have taken so much longer, but Bennett was really scared to go to the hospital & kept saying he didn't want to have a doctor look at his head.  Some of you know that he doesn't even like it when I look at his knees after he's scraped them.  He doesn't like his owies to be gazed upon, let alone worked upon!  I was so grateful we could go to a friend's house and have Bennett sit on Justin's lap surrounded by kids and friendly faces while he ate chocolate (What a good doctor, right? I wish my doctors offered chocolate when I have to have uncomfortable procedures!) and got his head pieced back together.  

 Bennett was really tough. He didn't cry at all while Brother Fillmore worked on him .  He didn't even cry much after we left the Church except when he thinks about the girl who hurt him.  He is pretty upset at her. They are really good little buddies, and he keeps telling us with the saddest little pout that he will just "yell at her so she doesn't hurt me again."  We are getting a great chance to teach about forgiving others.  It was a total accident & I'm sure she has a good bruise to show for it, too, the poor kid!

This was him during lunch at home. He's obviously traumatized, as you can see.  Here's hoping for minimal scarring & that he's still excited when it comes time for Sunbeams next week..... not exactly the glowing first Primary experience I had hoped for! We are just glad he's ok & that it wasn't any worse!  We sure love this little guy!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Remember that one time...

I just remembered something that is too funny to ever forget. It happened at Bennett's surprise birthday party, which I conveniently posted about just below.  What all the darling photos I posted DON'T show is the following story.

We had just finished serving the cake & ice cream, and I had asked Bennett to sit on the ground by the bouncer that you can see in this picture.

I thought it was a pretty good out-of-the-way type spot to sit.  And it was close enough to me (serving cake & ice cream at the table) that I could keep and eye on him/hear him if he needed anything. 

Well, I just finished serving everything & took a step back. 

Right into Bennett's freshly served birthday cake & ice cream.  

We're talking middle of the plate, my friends.  Not a piece of food was spared from mom's stomp-print. You would have thought the world was ending.  Many of you know that Bennett is a bit sensitive. Well having his birthday cake and ice cream squashed right in front of him by his own mother as he obediently sat where I asked him to eat just about ripped his heart and soul in two (ok, I'll admit, I might have cried too if my mother did the same). 

Luckily (luckily) there was 1 piece of chocolate train cake left, and some more ice cream. Phew. I wouldn't go so far as to say crisis averted, but it did make the tears stop.....eventually....

Mother of the Year, folks. MotY.